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Playboy Riven

And here is Yasuo’s friend, My Waifu4Laifu Riven. This is a very sweet  skin with awesome new particles and overall a very pretty thing to behold.


playmate riv



  • New face ( Beautiful )
  • New Hairstyle
  • New Weapon + Particles
  • 2 version to choose from. version 2 with legging.


General Info:

  • Author: Tuphac
  • Size: small MB
  • Release Date: August 2016

LET ME KNOW skin ideas u guys like me to make.


  1. When I install this it automatically uninstalls any custom irelia skin I have is there anyway to fix?


  2. Dude this looks so wellmade now it just kinda suits the splash art than the priginal battle bunny riven lol


  3. Is there a way to switch this to a skin other than base by myself? If not, would it be possible for you to?


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