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Riot File Translator for Maya 2017

This is the updated version of the Riot File Translator plugin.

This plugin was made by Crauzer (me) and ThiSpawn (OC)

Please note that this plugin will ONLY work on Maya 2017

We are working on bringing new features

This ”new” plugin is capable of :

Importing new model files SKN which were released after Yasuo

Importing new model files with a binded skeleton 

Is capable of exporting 8 materials instead of the old 2 (Please note that you cant import the model’s skin cluster after you export it with more materials)

Can export 256 influences, so no more “Remove unused influences ” is needed (Doesnt fix animation blending bugs)

Download – RiotFileTranslator_Maya2017




  1. Does this version of the plugin allow more than 4 influences? Or is it just as limited as the 2016 version?


  2. Pliz tell me why when i try to export a skin it says couldnt export it.
    I need help plz.


  3. Hi guys , i got a little prob’ , so , when i click on Loaded for put Rito plugin on Maya , i can read ” Error : Line : 1 The specified module could not be found” sry it’s write in french for “The specified module could not be found” but the rest is the same :c
    At least i put the plug-in in the right folder ;_;


  4. Hi,
    I’m having problems importing animations (.anm). When i try to import any animation the program says “Error: line 0: Error reading file.”, somebody knows how to solve this problem?



  5. Hey, I’m not really sure where to ask this, so i hope you don’t mind.
    When i try to edit the UV map to stop overlapping, the model goes invisible in the league client.
    I can edit the mesh without problems but when i add a new polygon i get the same results.
    Also thanks for the plugin, its great being able to make stuff for a game i love


  6. Is it possble to export material shader “phong”? it becomes lambert when i export it as skn and when i try to load that exported skn, the phong shader which has the glossy effect becomes lambert.


  7. When I try to import a .skn or a .skl it says: “Error Line: 0” and doesn’t import at all… Need help here
    I just put everything as it should be, and I have all the buttons on top, with all the icones, but no importation is possible…


      Just need to export the archives with the LATEST version of Wooxy and it works great !
      Thanks for all the programs !


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