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PROJECT: Taliyah

PROJECT: Taliyah

Inspired by Riot’s PROJECT Skins.This skin was original made by Martin but because that Taliyah need an advanced fix to make her remodel custom skin so it took a lot longer than expected.The Original concept was planned to a little modification but ended up no change at all
>>>Download this skin here<<<
General info
*Martin -modeling,texturing and particles
*MuvLuv -3D model rigging and Taliyah custom model fixes
This skin features
*Modified model for Taliyah
*New particles
preview pic

and also a spotlight video by ZileXHD

and here is the spotlight >



  1. Amazing work!

    I’ll leave it here for anyone interested the video I made about the skin, obviously the post’s link and credit is in the description.

    Keep it up, great skin!


  2. I can’t install the skin for some reason,I try and drag the file into wooxy but nothing happens,I even try to manually install it by opening package but it just stays like that.


  3. Pls make a Super Galaxy Gnar
    I had a dream with him
    He had glasses like El leon but made of steal and red eyes his boomerang was made of 2 lightsabers and his big form looks like original El leon but heavy armored pls make him I’ll be thank to you to end of my days


  4. Cant wait to see the particles, the best skin so far of project, is the Jhin one in my opinion(and was made fast!). This one was fast too keeping in mind that u had problems with it. Gj.


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