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Butchers Bridge sails back to Mapskins(updated 24.02.2018)

Hello guys 🙂 for a long time you only heard from me on the Skin Porters or Mapskins Discord server. That had a reason. I present you: Butchers Bridge!

This map was once made by Riot Games as additional ARAM map-version for the Bilgewater event. For a long time this map was available as custom map skin made by Chewy. But this version broke a long time ago. Now the map is back. I used Chewys version as base and also got a lot of help from him while working on it. But there were other people that helped me as well, means I want to thank Chewy, the members of the Natoken Project, Zigizag and Enjoyyourmadness/Sardonyx (Sorry if I forgot anyone ).

Patch notes 24.02.2018

  • Fixed for 8.4
  • Fixed Healthbars

You will need FLOW for it to work! Download the newest version HERE


  • Open Flow
  • Select the League of Legends executable located in the folder C:/Riot Games/League of Legends/RADS/solutions/lol_game_client_sln/releases/x.x.x.x/deploy. Where x represents the version number of League of Legends. Make sure to go to the folder with the highest version and to make a backup of your current executable.
  • Click the Patch button and everything should be good to go.

Patch notes 21.01.2017

  • Fixed for patch 7.1
  • Added missing wall banners
  • Fixed Whrafrats positioning

New bugs:
-Seagulls are missing
-Some animations aren’t synchronised for some reason

Patch notes 1.1.2017

  • Fixed the Map for patch 6.24
  • Added all animations for the Shopkeeper
  • Added a few more voice lines for GP Announcer
  • Added more announcer supported server
  • Shops and Shopkeeper no longer glow in FoW
  • Fixes missing healtbars on Red and Blue Nexus
  • Added missing Tower shooting sounds

The Map features:

  • A complete new Mapskin for the ARAM mode
  • New structures (Towers, Inhibitors, Nexus)
  • New Mapobjects
  • New Shops and Shopkeeper
  • New music and announcer
  • Modified version of the summoner spell Mark & Dash

Download here

Known bugs:

for those not playing on the English/German side of things will not have an announcer.

New bugs:

  • First red tower seems to play his basicattack sound twice (almost not hearable)
  • Red Minions have purple particle effects
  • Bridge Door missing
  • No announcer in other game modes as long as the map is installed


I hope you like the map as much as I loved to work on it. That’s it for now. See you again when we, The Natoken Project, sail back with more stuff soon.



  1. Announcement: I know the recent patch broke the map again and I will work on a fix when I have time.
    But I will take my time to fix a few bugs that somehow appeared with the latest release.

    Things I want to fix for the next release are:
    -Minion particles
    -Duck on the Riven spawning in EVERY Summoners Rift game (No idea how this happened)
    -Mana UI when clicking on a champ in the top left corner missing (Also no idea what causes this)
    -Turrets sometimes becoming invisible when exploding (Maybe, not sure if possible for this release)
    -Announcer for other maps

    Things I want to adjust for the next release:
    -Fixing Victory/Defeat music (Maybe, not sure if possible for this release)
    -Readding bridge door
    -Red side shopkeeper being a little bit off his right position and rotation
    -Music being muffled when spells are casted


  2. I cannot thank you enough for taking the time to bring back this iconic map to the game, even after Riot did pretty much everything they could to keep people from doing it!
    However, I haven’t been able to get it to work…yet.
    I think I understand I’m supposed to patch the game with Flow before I can use the modified WAD files, however, flow just tells me it couldn’t patch my executable when I attempt to use it :/
    Do you have any idea what could be the cause? Thank you in advance!


  3. I ask for Riot about that type of thing (Old models , Old maps , Gp narration , butchers bridge , etc..) and they say “Since it is a content that was not created by the community and was already present in the game, it is not allowed and may result in banning the account…” I am very sad about it , because i really want to play in the butchers bridge again ;-;


    • Do you still have the first version of this map somewhere? You can it by installing some files from that one as a seperate mod. I’d share them but idk how to 😡


  4. Update 21.01: New fix is up :
    -Fixed for patch 7.1
    -Added missing wall banners
    -Fixed Whrafrats positioning

    New bugs:
    -Seagulls are missing
    -Some animations aren’t synchronised for some reason

    I might update the map in a few days again because I wanna try smth different and hope for better results.
    Still hope you have fun with the map 🙂


    • Yay! I’ve been hanging tight, just using the map with the temporary fix you gave me. Glad to hear you were able to find a fix for it.


  5. Update 17.01. : Seems like the patch broke more then expected. Turns out fixing the shopkeepers is a big problem so the update will take a while. I will try to inform you guys if I have something new. Sorry for the lag of information.


    • Hey, Love the map but any idea on when you can fix the Bilgewater Music ? Doesn’t work anymore in 7.1 and i don’t feel that piratey anymore when playing my GP


  6. Important note: Fix for 7.1 is in the works. Shouldn’t take that long once I found out what’s the reason for the crash. Don’t worry guys you will soon be able to play again xD


  7. Why isn’t new version working on Summoners Rift? I accidently deleted previous files, Summoners Rift Announcer and its fix. I was stupid. Can someone link me files?


  8. Works smoothly. I am wondering though, can I do the same thing with the updated GP announcer(with the additional lines you added just recently) to use with SR too? I’m currently using it for SR the same way I did before, using the 3 files as a separate mod. Also, whatever happened to the Bilgewater Summoner’s Rift map? 😛 Thanks for bringing this back again.


  9. I don’t know if this is a bug or caused by my client and computer, but the Bilgewater Poros and the Turrets don’t have any animation.
    Before Patch 6.22 everything was fine, but now the Poros don’t have any animation, they just slide across the floor, minding their own business, not even feeding them causes any animation, they simply grow.

    As for the turrets, the shots they fire are still animated as they should, but the turrets themselves are static and refuse to move.

    Everything else works just fine, the music is still there, the loading screen for Butcher’s Bridge is still there and the Announcer works fine (with the fix installed).

    The Animations are only cosmetics, and I can live without them having this pack installed mostly because of the Announcer.
    I just wanted to tell, so it maybe can be fixed in a future update, but as I said, it is only cosmetics and nothing that would bug me too much.
    Although, I have to admit it looks hilarious how the little Poros slide across the floor.


  10. Hi . I’m a japanese .
    This mod does not work for LoL JP client .
    can u tell me how to extract this .wxy file ?


  11. I found the voices for the 2 merchants, I leave the link:
    Leischii, you know how to program to change voices as he did with Gangplank, you just have to download each of the videos and create an enabler for each merchant.

    By the way, have you not tried Java programming boats and the door can be opened by itself ?, hope it will serve to improve the map, keep it up.

    Zeus 2013 (LAS)


    • I can’t just take a video and convert them to lol files, thats impossible. I would need the vo files from back then (2 bnk files and 1 wpk file for each shopkeeper)

      League doesn’t work with java so you can’t use it for league stuff.


  12. Hello, there’s 2 problems I’d like mention:
    1- The mod only apply Butcher’s Bridge theme and music to aram, no announcer (no announcer and music in SR, too)
    2- I can’t run Wooxy’s latest version (also 1.5), it keeps telling me “Wooxy stopped working” with 2 options, close it or search for a solution, so I used an older version.

    Please help.


    • From the description:
      -For some people the new announcer might not work at all. To fix this you need to use to the “File extractor” tool from Wooxy. Go to the following path: lol_game_client_xx_xx/DATA/Sounds/Wwise/VO/xx_XX/Shared (xx’s are the server and language shortform). There you will find 3 files that start with “Announcer_Global_Male1…”. Extract these 3 files and change the “Male1” to “Female1” on all 3 files (rest of the name stays the same). Just patch the 3 files back into your game in addition and it should work.

      I think you should try this


  13. Hey, came back to tell that the music actually fixed itself. I don’t know how, but everything is working just fine (with the exception of both shopkeepers not talking).
    If you can’t find the Bilgewater shopkeepers, you can re-add the Howling Abyss shopkeeper voice overs.


  14. Greetings!
    Can you expalain to me – Will announcer work on Russian in-game voice? I do what needed, but i have a silence.


    • -For some people the new announcer might not work at all. To fix this you need to use to the “File extractor” tool from Wooxy. Go to the following path: lol_game_client_xx_xx/DATA/Sounds/Wwise/VO/xx_XX/Shared (xx’s are the server and language shortform). There you will find 3 files that start with “Announcer_Global_Male1…”. Extract these 3 files and change the “Male1” to “Female1” on all 3 files (rest of the name stays the same). Just patch the 3 files back into your game in addition and it should work.


  15. Map is working, but i still have vanilla announcer, changing file names didn’t help at all, installing fix just disabled it. Can you sepate announcer and map skin?


  16. Hey! Awesome mod!

    I was just wondering what do I do once I download the fix for the summoner’s rift announcer. I’ve got the file, but what do I do with it?

    Also has there been any progress on getting the shopkeeper’s voice lines into the map?


  17. can you make a zip out of your mediafire folder because you cant download every thing at once unless you have pro.only if you have time to spare whould apriciate it


    • sorry but you don´t need pro, I just downloaded everything without no problems at all, the files are very small for mediafire asking you to do that


  18. I would like to know though, how can I install the announcer only? I still want the howling abyss map but with gangplank´s voice, pls guys tell me


  19. OMG It works! thank you so much! I find out this announcer better for summoner´s rift too, and I love this map so much, thank you again for bringing it back alive. The hotfix really did its magic. Cheers


    • I would like to know though, how can I install the announcer only? I still want the howling abyss map but with gangplank´s voice


  20. The path you entered, is too long. Enter a shorter path
    File Name could not be found. Check the spelling of the filename,
    and verify that the file location is correct.


  21. Do not worry if you want to remove the blocked files or too long path files from your system, here I suggest a smooth way. Use “Long path tool” software and keep yourself cool.


  22. Sorry but my game crashed after I change the word ‘Male1’ into ‘Female1’. The game said my files are corrupted and they want me to fix it. Is there other ways instead of changing files name or using the fix listed above? Great map btw.


  23. Can someone please do a Butcher’s Bridge Summoner’s Rift skin, please? I think it would be a good idea.


  24. I tried installing this skin to get the announcer for summoner’s rift but it uninstalls my mapskin for summoner’s rift when I do that. I want to use the frozen rift for summoner’s rift, not this. Is there a way you can make it separated with just the gangplank bilgewater announcer for summoner’s rift? I tried the announcer fix thing and I ended up with no announcer at all.


  25. upon installation and trying to open an ARAM in a custom, it crashed in the loading screen – citing the essential asset “brush_bw_f” couldn’t be found.


  26. Hey Leischii!

    I’m still enjoying the mod alot. Really alot. I got a small bug to report about the map.

    The shopkeepers seem not to speak when opening the shop or buying something. Both shopkeepers are really iconic to hear, but they don’t speak. If you have a fix for it I appreciate alot. Sorry if i’m giving you work.


  27. Can you use “baidu yunpan”(a kind of netdisk) please ,I’m Chinese. VPN is really really not convenient .


  28. Are you planning on bringing back the bilgewater music for SR. I want it more then the Gangplank announcer. :/
    I appreciate you reading this comment.


  29. Hello Yannick!

    I know this comment does not belong here, but I don’t know how else to reach you. I am curious about what happened to the port project.
    Did you stop working at it? Because soniccreepers mediafire folder stopped being updated on May 10th.

    Anyways, thanks a lot for all your hard work!

    Greetings from Argentina,



    Link for the gp mod
    Step 1
    Download the folder lol_game_client_en_us RAR file

    Step 2
    Extract the RAR file.
    in there is a folder with the 3 male1 files (all names have been changed from (feamale1)…..etc

    Step 3

    Open Wooxy————-> Skin Collection ————->Import skin ————->Add Folder————->Look for where you EXTRACTED the folder (lol_game_client_en_us)



  31. after i rename the 3 files to Female1, how do i patch them back into the game ?. i am with the past with the 3 files renamed opened but what i do now ? im lost. heeeelp. ( i already tried the first fix way but didnt worked )


  32. Mystic Rift, Forest Guardian and Butchers Bridge, my favorite maps, Learn Riot!
    Riot should have used Magma Chamber design in ARAM too, it’s a shame.
    Thanks for this.


      • One day i posted the link of this Bilgewater Mod on oficial lol forum and the topic was excluded, in addition to receiving a warning that was not allowed, so if Riot said that this kind of mod is not illegal, why they don’t allow to post? I have my doubts…
        This map don’t modify the textures only, its clear that it adds some objects that do not exist in Howling Abyss, have no problem using it?
        I remember that chewy had not added the structures of shop sellers in the old mod, it was not for a good reason? And the problem with the gates that don’t open and boats that don’t move its related with ban risk?
        Thanks again.


  33. Is it possible to just get the Gangplank announcer back onto Summoner’s Rift, I don’t really want the Butcher’s Bridge skin because I don’t play ARAM often, and it uninstalls Mystic Rift

    Liked by 1 person

          • Download the second option that fixes the announcer on Summoner’s Rift, then go into the files extractor and go to the second option. Keep opening the folders until you find “male announcer voice event” and other things like that. Go to each one that says Male (there should be three) extract them, and put them into a folder. Change all the “Male” into “Female” and then upload them onto Wooxy. Hit install, and it should work.


  34. Another known bug – it conflicts with SR map skins (at least Frozen Rift and Mystic Rift)

    Solution is same – use only one of these (Butcher’s Rift or SR map skins)


  35. Hello everybody !
    I just tested this skin to map and is super awesome!
    From the time I was waiting, I’m really happy and I thank you very much!

    I just like to share some little bug that I saw by testing:

    There is no voice announcer during the game.
    There are no draws cannon in the center of the map at times.
    The door remains closed under the bridge and the boat is blocked against the door.

    Everything else works great and you have done a good job!

    Tell me if you count or not check or repair these bugs.

    I apologize in advance for spelling mistakes 😦


    • Hey 🙂
      Yeah I already know all these things , the last 2 bugs aren’t that problematic so I didn’t included them ^^’

      There are 2 possible announcer fixes in the description so just test them out. If solution 2 is too complicated read the comments below where I already explained it a little better

      The cannon in the middle that sometimes shoots is smth I’m still working on, don’t know if it is fixable.
      For the door and this stuff I don’t think it is fixable. We did a lot but I think there are some problems that can’t be fixed

      Still thx for your help


  36. pls , est qu’il sera possible de remettre a la fois la musique et l’annonciateur bilgewater en version VF

    is that it will be possible to put both music and bilgewater announcer version VF


      • Yeah I thank you so much, The Butcher’s Bridge is working wonders. All of the features are working 100%. The announcer on SR works with your fast fix. Even on Twisted Treeline the announcer works. Now the only thing left is the music on SR, and everything will be back to the way it was (this also left me motivated to play league again).


  37. You have to look for this path in the file extractor tool from wooxy. You can find it in the tab creation tool. You searched for the folder in your normal lol directory right? But it needs to be this tool.

    For the shared files: I was already informed about this but I have to say that I can’t avoid this


  38. Hey, thanks a lot for bringing this map back, but I’m having trouble following your instructions following the path to fix the male announcer if it doesn’t work at all(which it doesn’t for me). After entering lol_game_client_xx_xx it takes me to managedfiles and releases. managed files seems to be the one with all the sounds but there’s a ton of folders with different sounds and I don’t know which one it is. Also, this map conflicts with some other summoner’s rift map skins so it uninstalls them, although that’s fairly minor since I can shuffle around them whenever I want to play in either SR or ARAM. Hope you can get around to reply, and thanks again!


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