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Blake Belladonna

Blake Belladonna

Main female character from RWBY
>>>Download this skin here<<<
This skin features
*Whole new champion model for Riven
some preview pic



  1. you should make a general ironwood jayce, weiss fiora, pyrhaa pantheon, jaun leona, cardin mordekaiser, cinder fall ashe, glynda morgana or maybe karma or something, wukong wukong, torchwick nasus, neptune nami, mercury lee sin, Qrow tryndamere, penny irelia, coco jinx, velvet poppy, lie ren katarina, winter shnee yorick (because of the summons) or annie just give her frost animations, also should make a summer rose skin… for someone… not really sure who.. maybe kassadin? because she makes portals.. and uses a sword… just a few idea’s i would love to see each and everyone of these. EXCITED FOR THE NEXT SEASON THIS OCTOBER!!!!


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