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Old Ryze

This mod brings back Ryze’s old model, particles and voiceover!


(season 5 left, seasons 1-4 right)


This mod consists of five parts:

  • Old Ryze Images (seasons 1-4) – replaces Ryze’s splash arts and icons with the oldest ones.
  • Old Ryze Images (season 5) – replaces Ryze’s splash arts and icons with the ones used after his season 5 rework.
  • Old Ryze Model (seasons 1-4) – replaces Ryze’s model and particles for all of his skins with the ones used before his rework in season 5.
  • Old Ryze Model (season 5) – replaces Ryze’s model and particles for all of his skins with the ones used after his rework in season 5.
  • Old Ryze Voiceover – replaces Ryze’s voiceover with his old one.

NOTE: Due to the way voiceovers work, the old voice is provided in a folder instead of in a wxy file. In Wooxy, click “add skins” and drag the folder into Wooxy, and it’ll be there.

Download and Install:

”0256″You can install this skin with Wooxy

1. Download Old Ryze.
2. In Wooxy, click “Skins” > “Import skin” > “Add package” and select the downloaded zip file.
3. The four skins are now imported in Wooxy, you can install them by selecting them in the list and clicking “Install”.

(To add the voiceover follow the instructions in the “features” part of this post.)



  1. Could you fix the mod please? I think its due to the .bin file noy working. Please answer back please!!!!


  2. The mod idea is fantastic but it does not work. It just turns Ryze very small. If you could fix it, I would be thankful. New Ryze’s models is very ugly.


  3. Hey , this mod is great but it turns Ryze small (very small) pls fix this . Love this mod


  4. Ryze’s new voice sounds far too young for my liking (And like all new VAs he speaks WAY TOO MUCH!), glad to have his proper grumpy one back 😛


  5. then you would have to do the old Ryze the previous update to this it has two old Ryze and that you have done is the first of all


  6. can i ask you sth i am new in this site and i dont know if you published old garen beacause he is my favourite champion can you answer me 😀


  7. This isn’t the same as the old Ryze, there are major differences in the colour tones and the texture. This mod is useless and accomplishes absolutely nothing.

    P.S. lel where dafuq is yi?


  8. ”Take this scroll and put it up….somewhere safe.” & ”I got these tattoos from rune prison!”

    Never thought I would miss those jokes so quickly! I mean, ”Alright fine, here’s a magic trick….ta-daaah” has it’s own charm but still.


  9. This is great. I loved old Ryze. I’m glad you made the old Ryze VO. I was going to.. but you saved me the time. Thanks 🙂


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