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Mystic and Frozen Rifts – update for 6.15+


Hey, Mapskins and League of Legends community. As you all know, some time ago RIOT added elemental dragons as well as updated some mage champions and their items. Since that Mystic Rift and Frozen Rift were not updated, and later there were reports that winter map skin no longer works cause of bugsplats and error messages during loading. I want to bring good news to you – we’ve managed to fix all these problems and did some minor updates to both map skins.

Frozen Rift changes

  • Less contrast. Everything is 15% less contrast. Dark areas are slightly brighter, bright areas are slightly darker. This change was made to make map little bit easier for eyes and to make edges of playable zone a little bit more clear. Before some areas were too dark, which caused some clarity problems like it was not that clear where it is passable terrain or not.
  • More colorful. Jungle chunks and ground textures are slightly more blue now. With that change map feels a little bit less grey than before.
  • Frozen dragons. Elemental dragons that were introduced earlier, now fit map theme and got blue tint. Elemental sign on the wall remains unchanged for clarity reasons.
  • Winter minions always with you. No matter what the current event is (Pool party, Project or April Fool), if Frozen Rift is installed, you will always have winter themed minions. Before there were bugs with overlapping minions such as corrupted textures for Pool party minions or minions were just out of winter theme.
  • Fixed brushes. Something were broken and brushes caused bugsplat (error message) while loading. Thanks to Chewy, these problems were fixed and everything remains unchanged since previous version.
  • ARAM music. Yes, winter music from Howling Abyss (Freljord theme) is back as well! Huge thanks to Natoken team for bringing it back.
  • Winter everywhere! Some map icons (when creating Custom game and during old champ select) were redesigned to reflect winter theme of the map.
  • Santa Baron. Baron Nashor now wears Santa-hats! Thanks for Natoken team for resolving that important feature which was missed in previous versions of Frozen Rift.
  • Updated HUD. Ingame interface was also updated to reflect latest ingame changes such as Elemental dragons icons and file structure revamp, happened some patches ago. It still can be installed separately from map skin. and it is based on classic Freljord HUD.

Mystic Rift changes

  • Elemental dragons now fit map theme.
  • Some map icons (when creating Custom game and during old champ select) were redesigned to reflect night theme of the map.

Known issues

  • To hear music from Howling Abyss (Freljord soundtrack) you must set in game settings to “Updated” music. Classic music option will not work.
  • If you have low FPS or lags, try to turn off “Enable eye-candy” option in Video options. Poros will remain on the map, while snowfall (Frozen Rift), nature effects (batterflies, dragonflies, owls, water lilys, waterfalls, etc on Mystic Rift) and fire on braziers will be disabled.



Special announcement

Some of you may noticed a small wolf-logo on the banner above. It means that from now I’m a part of the Natoken team, and may be involved in some of future skin projects. With that announcement I want to add that Frozen Rift and Mystic Rift are now skin projects of the Natoken team. Sharp Rift will be “cancelled” (i.e. won’t be updated) and reworked into other project some time in future.



  1. are you going to updated this? because I love this map skin but most of the map is just default. I made sure everything was checked. : /


    • I learned to fix it! Click on it in Skin collection, click settings, scroll down and check the unchecked textures. DONE!


      • i tried looking for anything unchecked and they all seem to be checked :/ and i still see the patches of the normal map coming through


  2. Would be complicated to you put the PROJECT: Minions in Mystic Rift? I tried but has no way to uncompress the archive.wxy to be avaible for modify. Thanks.


  3. Can you make to don’t change the monsters? (Drakes baron and monsters in winter rift) ??? PLS I LOVE THE WINTERRR


  4. I love that skin, I think thats the reason why the old mapskins for original rift didnt worked too? I hope its reworked soon im currently trying to get an oldschool league 😀


    • There can be various reasons why some of old map skins don’t work. Regarding Frozen Rift – it was exclusively the problem with brushes, which were changed by RIOT (file structure, files themselfs, something other).


      • Yeah i got errors with the brushes on the old summoners rift map so i think it should be the some problem


  5. Okay, Im every single day on this page to look, if winterrift is updated.

    I love this page and i love this content. If something is not working for a long time i feel sad because i really miss it then, especially if winterrift is

    not working. This one is my favorite ❤

    This goes to the guy(s) who updated this : “I LOVE YOU !!!” =))


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