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Booting up… Alpha Protocol Activated… Initiating Sequence A1B13… Testing Subject 78… Subject Approved…



Day 3:

DELIVER… This makes more sense now. His weapon, it almost looks like.. a sword? and axe? and the person is from frelyord… it probably means freljord. There was the legend of the King of Freljord, Tryndamere. That must be him. let’s boot him up, we will need the power of this good king.

Library – Day_3: today we were granted approval to initiate PROJECT: RECLAIM for the first time after 3 long weeks. Subject got tested and was found suitable for the project,
if this works as expected a new day will rise for warfare technologies… Everything seems to be working fine except an indicator on the main power console, I don’t think this
should cause any problems, I’ll tell the guys to take a look at it later… The sequence has been initiated, this is it! Test number one… A critical error occurred during the
connection establishment between the subject and the suit main core, systems got quickly overloaded… I have to —–… Emerg–cy shutd—… It’s not re—nd–g…
All processes had to be terminated unfortunately, I am not sure what happened here but the subject appears to be ok. Tomorrow we will try again,
hopefully this time things will work. Maybe this error has to do with the subject himself, I think I need to know more about his past… Entry closed…”

MEMORY TRACE_033300500078
Subject was found criticaly wounded in frelyord’s battlefield. His spine was damaged and he could not control his body. He is in a good hands now… We sa…

Let’s check back tomorrow. it’s should be done by then.

Day 1:

TARGET… What does this mean? There must be a bigger image behind this word… Who is the target? Who gives him these commands? What is the purpose? All it says is:

MEMORY TRACE_033300500079
Subject has been approved for initiation of PROJECT: RECLAIM after having tested positive. He will be backing up the approved subjects for PROJECT: DISRUPTION. The enemies have no idea about his existence which makes him our W…

8% traced… Let’s check back in a few days, once more data has been decrypted…



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  1. if you look they are updating it all the time it says “There was the legend of the King of Freljord, Tryndamere. That must be him. let’s boot him up, we will need the power of this good king.”


  2. If you look varus’s lore its his lines im pretty sure it has to do something with the stereotype that the ones saved him (the void) has to do something with the project skin , if we look at that there is viktor , is he being corrupted by the void , and is he going to help varus , either way this is going to be Varus 😛


    • (the purple got me thinking if its voidling , then i though of varus , because there is creator Viktor , and the REMEMBER THE FIRST PROJECT !!! i got it i got it!!! it has to do something with the thing Master Yi was seeing im pretty sure this has to be creation of Viktor / the ugly doctor that was in the Yi cutscene im sure !!!


      • Im calling the details , its gonna have the purple PROJECT: EKKO skin , and his bow is gonna be purple , from PROJECT : ASHE , what about his Q its gonna be kinda like a triangle arrow with project particles , the W i expect project particles , e like dark star varus : purple with project particles trails , R Spiral of poject mist , like in the teaser for PROJECT : KATARINA


  3. So, found in the Freljord is a huge clue….give me a target means it has to be someone with a focus. going by freljord base, its could be either ashe or tryndamere. if we step outside the freljord and maybe assume someone was sent their, the payed killers in Valoran are Talon, Shaco, and Jhin.


      • Affiliated Champions
        Champion Ties
        Anivia Anivia, the Cryophoenix Birthplace; ancient guardian of Freljord
        Ashe Ashe, the Frost Archer Birthplace; leader of the Avarosan tribe; Queen of Freljord
        Braum Braum, the Heart of the Freljord Birthplace: folk hero
        Gragas Gragas, the Rabble Rouser Residence; owner of the Avarosan Iceflow glacier [7]
        Lissandra Lissandra, the Ice Witch Birthplace; leader of the Frostguard tribe; Seer to the Frozen Watchers
        Nunu Nunu, the Yeti Rider Birthplace; Former Frostguard tribesman
        Olaf Olaf, the Berserker Birthplace; Lokfarian warrior
        Sejuani Sejuani, the Winter’s Wrath Birthplace; leader of the Winter’s Claw tribe
        Trundle Trundle, the Troll King Birthplace; wielder of Boneshiver; king of the Trolls
        Tryndamere Tryndamere, the Barbarian King Birthplace; King of Freljord
        Udyr Udyr, the Spirit Walker Birthplace; animal spirit vessel
        Volibear Volibear, the Thunder’s Roar Birthplace; former shaman and now chieftain of the Ursine
        Other Related Champions
        Champion Ties
        Aatrox Aatrox, the Darkin Blade Murdered the barbarian tribe of Tryndamere Tryndamere
        Brand Brand, the Burning Vengeance Point of origin; possessing the body of Kegan Rodhe
        Gnar Gnar, the Missing Link Ancient yordle preserved by Anivia Anivia[8]
        Lee Sin Lee Sin, the Blind Monk Took Udyr Udyr to the Hirana Monastery to find peace.
        Quinn Quinn and Valor Valor, Demacia’s Wings Sent to investigate the growing tensions within Freljord
        Zilean Zilean, the Chronokeeper Has animosity towards Volibear Volibear.

        IS IT ANY OF THESE?!?!??!?!


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