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Hit Effects Pack


  • Hi guys, this is the first HitEffects Pack (No1) that i made.
  • This Pack basically changes the default basic attack effect in most champions (those that don’t share the same file are excluded).
  • This Pack is scheduled to be updated once every few weeks.
  • The skin with all its features comes into a single (.zip) file. DO NOT install the (.zip) file itself directly into Wooxy. Instead, extract the (.zip) file to your PC and follow the instructions included inside the (.txt) files.
  • It replaces the base/default Hit Effect.


RELEASE INFO (to be updated):

  1. PACK V1: Fire, Ice, Hazard, Thunder, Interstellar themes included!
  2. PACK V2: All previous and Cyber, Earth, Flash, Project, Sensual themes included!


  • Fire_Emblem_A
  • Snow_Flake_A
  • Hazard_Emblem_A
  • Thunder_Strike_A
  • Pink_Nebula_A
  • Dark_Pink_Nebula_A


  • Author: Alex131994
  • (.zip) File Size: 4.19 MB
  • Release Date: 23/7/2016 (DD/MM/YY)


You can only install this skin with Wooxy

  1. Download  the “Hit Effects Pack No1 by Alex131994!” here
  2. In Wooxy, click “Skins” > “Import skin” > “Add package” and select the (.wxy) file that you want to install.
  3. Your skin is now imported in Wooxy and you can install it by selecting it in the list and clicking “Install”.


  • If for any reason the Packages included do not work correctly, try uninstalling-deleting-reinstalling the (.wxy) package.
  • If any Packages appear not to be working at all, please contact me!
  • Thank you!


  1. actually there is 1 thing wrong which needs to be fixed because it is really problem I normal classic hit effect when u kill target champions will move to other target by theirselves, But when I installed this hit effect it wasn’t like that I mean when I killed 1 target even if other minions would stay near me and fighting me champion wasn’t attacking by herself if I didn’t clicked u can chek it by yourself and sorry for my bad English. P.S no time for spelling!

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    • in general, what this pack does is change the basic attack particle called “HitEffect” that applies directly when a basic attack hits a target, it does nothing more and it does not change any gameplay features… now about what u say above, from the few things i have to admit i understood, ur problem is not with this pack but with ur game settings and in particular with the “auto-attack” setting… check this out plz and tell me if it works for u!

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