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(Teaser) Dragonslayer Yasuo

I’m back, and the time has nearly come to release the long-awaited Dragonslayer Yasuo.

This skin’s particles are almost 100% done (with windwall being the last thing to do) and the textures need to be fixed a little bit more. Then this skin is done. Hold on for a little bit for a big surprise.

Defeat your enemies in flaming style as a dragonscale armor-clad samurai.

This skin includes:

-New model!

-New fiery particles!

-New blazing recall!

-A few new burning sound effects!

Tell me what you think about this skin before it’s released and what I should change or add, and expect its official release in a couple of days.




  1. Finally, an awesome looking Yasuo skin with fire. I noticed this was posted in July and said in just a couple days the link would be posted. Is there a link available yet?


  2. I think you should make it so the whirl wind looks more visible and more of a whirl wind… Like make it into look into a BA fire tornado.


  3. The whole new particles on Q look good but I’d rather if u make it like a tornado ingulfed in flames, rather then just flames, keep the default particles and add new particles on to it, similar particles as in the recall, just going in circles around the tornado, would look much much better, and the model needs work aswell. Other than that I can wait for the skin to be released 😀 😀 😀 Amazing job guys


  4. This is fire 😀 but u should make colors a bit darker and whole new model of third Q idk i just dont like it lol


  5. The particles are so good, but you might want to work on the actual model. I noticed one foot doesn’t have a shoe. Also, look at the right foot on the very last picture. It looks like a club or something (glitch?) but yeah, this would be the best skin ever after smoothing out the model. The Q animation is a sort of green. If you made it the same RGB as your main theme’s orange, it would look much better. Apart from some smoothing here and there, it’s amazing.


  6. this skin is the best yasuo skin i have ever seen but it would maybe look better if the hair collor is like white or something like that if you know what i mean


  7. You should change this tornado as normal but flaming its bad now, its like square of fire. Ultimate really so good, and EQ combos, Yasuo style is bad if you can new style u should


  8. It has something strange with the model (including the sword) but i am impressed with the particles 0,0 serious man, i had hope that was not fake, thanks.
    The last mod that change completely the particles, if i remember is Underworld Yasuo.

    If you want some inspiration for the model:

    The flame drawings on pants can be interesting:


  9. The model looks a bit messed up ‘-‘ specially the hair… Oh, and the tornado Q can barely be seen, but everything else is awesome.


  10. can u make his sword a little bit darker red pls, and the cap or whatever that hangs from his back i could care less about but EVERYTHING ELSE IS AWESOME


  11. this skin is so cool you just need to balance the model abit it doesnt look that cool but the whole thing looks AMAZING the particles fit his play – style and the skin is just absolutely cool


  12. Is there any way i can get notified as soon as this masterpiece drops? If not I’ll just check back frequently in a few days.


    • And if you can make them a little orange,
      If this is not possible try to color the normal hair a little better , because these seem drawn in pencil ! Good luck! (sorry for bad eng)


  13. it is AWESOME!!! but! you can make q a bit more… fire, u know. the combination of q and e is very beautiful. Can u change the tornado please? make it a fire tornado. That would be amazing. R is the BEST YASUO ULT EVEEER 😛 thanks for the skin!!!!


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