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Hurricane Rush Ryze Skin Edits

Hello! Upon seeing the Ryze update, I was a bit disappointed with a few of his skins. Specifically Professor, Zombie, and Human Ryze. I took matters into my own hands and edited them. The changelist of all 3 skins includes:

Human: Re-added green runic writing on his head, added all white eyes, added black “stuff” under his eyes, and very slightly changed the hair color to be more grey/black.

Professor: Made eyebrows thicker, made eyes glow yellow, changed the pink on him to blue, changed the book color to be slightly less pink,  made his pants grey, changed the writing on his head to blue (including adding a large blue circle in the middle of his forehead), and changed his book to have textbook pages.

Zombie: Changed his eyes to match older Zombie Ryze, added bone spots and “guts” spots throughout various places, changed runes on his arms to look more like scars, made his pants darker, and many other changes that you should see for yourself.

You can download them all together or individually.

Here is the download link. The skin names should explain themselves.

I made this strawpoll and posted it on my last skin, but it didn’t really receive any attention, and I wanted to try again.



    • These comments get so old. It almost makes me just want to stop making anything. It’s always “make this skin for base skin” and it gets really annoying. If you want Zombie Ryze, buy the skin. I’m not putting it over his base skin.


        • As an aspiring skinmaker, I totally understand OP’s point of view. First of all, making a skin based off another work for base just fucking sucks, and is frustrating if you don’t know what you’re doing. Secondly, some skinmakers are uncomfortable with making skins work for base, since it’s essentially giving the skin away for free, which can be seen as immoral.


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