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Enchanted Demon Vi

Hello Mapskins followers, look at this awesome skin that I made its called Enchanted Demon Vi!


  • It has a Black and purple Outfit
  • Purple Wings
  • Blue skin
  • (some) New Particles

Download: »Enchanted Demon Vi«

Leave a like and comment down below on what you think of my skin!

 Enjoy Playing! and be sure to check out more of my skins HERE



  1. Hey, you only can fix it, if you deactivate the Vi.bin, but then you dont have the Wings ingame or somthing.


  2. Hey, the skin looks cool ingame, but there are no animations, only standing still and doing noting, what can i do, or can you fix it?


  3. This skin would be great if u can fix the sound & animation bug.In your skin,Vi don’t have moving,idle animation.


  4. Can you make a version of the skin where you can set it for the Demon Vi skin, and a fix for the sound?


  5. What can i do if the sound of her abilities do not work on this skin? I have fresh install of league and without skin sound works well on Vi.


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