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Pearl as Fiora

Main Sample

Based on Pearl from the show Steven Universe, this custom skin features all new:

  • Voice files–clips of dialogue from Pearl edited to match Fiora’s voice level with (most) additional sounds filtered out
  • Loading screen splash
  • Unique emote particle (Line-art Teemo replaced with a rose)


Loading Screen Joke Particle Main Sample




Additional Notes:

I kept Fiora’s default sword in this skin as it seemed fun to picture Pearl adding it to her already massive sword collection. However, the sword has had its texture recolored a bit to better suit Pearl’s brightness and blueness.

There are still a few bits left which could use polish, and I’ll likely get around to them eventually, but this has been a blast to edit and play with in-game.

Please feel free to offer suggestions, criticisms, and advice as this is the very first custom skin I’ve cobbled together. Enjoy!



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