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Intro to Idle Particles


Hello, first I would like to introduce myself.

I’am Crauzer from The Natoken Project, I make Custom skins

This is ans introduction on how to apply idle particles to your skin

Please be aware that im not going to tell you how to make the particles because it is very unknown ATM since it is difficult.

This is what you will need for the tutorial:

•  Wooxy 1.5

Ok so lets start, first I will have to introduce you to the particle types

Types of Idle Particles :
– Connector – This is a particle that connects from one joint to another. An example is Eternum Rek’Sai
– Hair – This is a particle which is most of the time attached to the head and serves as hair. Please note that DJ Sona’s or Shadowfire Kindred’s hair is not an idle particle. Example : Dark Star Varus
– Glow  – Pretty self explanatory
– Idle mesh (Fizz idle fin from ground) – This is a particle which is a mesh with a texture

Ok so how do I apply this to my skin ?

First you will need to obtain your characters BIN file.

You will need to extract the DATA/Final folder

Then with Wooxy WAD Editor you should locate your champion file in DATA/FINAL/Champions

The character should be called – character.wad.client, Please do not open the characters which have a region and a language at the end, we dont need them

Once you opened your WAD file there should be multiple entries. You need to extract the one which is the BIN file.

Once you extracted the BIN file open it in the BIN file editor and locate the Entry which contains the info about the Base skin of the champion you are editing. The base skin’s Skin ID should end with a 0 and it should be named something like Base Yasuo etc.

Click on the base skin entry and add a List Type 1 with List Type 3 in it with the Property 2216193852

Then click on the List Type 1 and create a List Type 3 with the property 856064357 . You will make a List Type 3 for every particle you’re going to add.

Once you made all your List Types 3, make 2 new values in all of them. One is going to be a Troybin File and the second one is going to be a BoneName. Select both to be strings. If you are making a connector particle make sure you create this value –

3661793589 as a string too.

Once you got all this done import your troybin file with all of the skin particles.

EffectName = Name of the troybin file you want to apply to the skin. Make sure it ends with .troy in the BIN file

BoneName = Name of the joint you want to apply the particle on

3661793589  = Name of the second joint you want the particle to go onto || Only works with connector particles

At the end it should look something like this – Screenshot_2234



  1. when i extract the bin , i cant read him with the bin editor, just “Yasuo.bin” appear on the screen. can you help me plz ?


  2. How would I get the .Troybin files to stay with the specific character I need it for? Whenever I add it to Wooxy, it automatically places them in the original particle location, instead of where I need it.


  3. Also Natoekn project team, plz write a guide to “particle replacment?” Like for example, when vayne auto attacks, a final boss veigar ult shots instead, doesnt do the dmg of veigar but replaces vaynes crappy auto attack particle to final boss viegars ult


  4. For the last step when I make the two new values, I put them as troybin and associated name. but after this comes up “Troybin File [0,0,0]” I cant put the file there. How do you import the troybins?

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