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Dark Star Thresh and others – ingame icons


Hey all, this is super tiny and small mod that changes icons for Thresh. Since his skin represents completely different theme (Void, space, dark purple hands), I decided to re-draw these icons so they fit general theme of this legendary skin.For first time it may be confusing since these icons are completely different, but on other side, having “complete” color theme may feel better for some of you.

Q changes color to red when you are hooked someone. E changes color (cyan, green, yellow, red) depending on your state of empowered auto-attack from E-passive. Portrait is a mixture of default base Thresh skin and new (new orange symbol, teeth become slightly longer, but average silhouette remains same as original green portrait). Champion select portrait is not changed.

Update 27.06.16:

  • Portrait cheekbone made slightly stronger to make it match original (default green) portrait more. Also changed bottom part of his face.
  • Old Q (hook) icon is back with purple tint. New hook icon was very similar to E.
  • W icon redrawn into more detailed dark sphere
  • R icon slightly brighter
  • Passive icon now more matches ingame souls (two small stars instead of three)

Dark Star Thresh Icons


Final Boss Veigar represents arcade theme, so these icons have pixelated/matrix effect. W icon is replaced with tetris block, and ultimate icon also was replaced with iconic cube. Passive symbol is same as on his staff which was used on ingame model. Champion select portrait is not changed.

Download Final Boss Veigar Icons


Eternum Rek’Sai have more than 5 icons since she have two modes (burrowed and unburrowed). Unlike Dark Star and Final Boss custom HUD icons, these icons are just recolors. Champion select portrait is not changed.

Download Eternum Rek’Sai Icons

Pool Party Rek'Sai Icons

Pool Party Zac Icons

While Zac icons are mostly just recolored and brightened up, Rek’Sai icons got design overhaul to fit with her new look of Pool Party shark. More water, proper tunnel, oceanic ultimate and shark tail – everything is included in new icons for Pool party Rek’Sai.

Pretty green Zac icons with totally blue-cyan great skin feels contradicting to eachother. I decided to make a very small visual update to ability icons and ingame portrait for two League of Legend champions – Rek’Sai and Zac.

Full article with download links


This was my first icon replacement skin for first two Lissandra skins: Blade Queen and Bloodstone. These icons are very simple recolors that creating complete theme of each skin that you’re playing at the moment. You can install only one of these icon skins. Champion select portrait is not changed.

Download Blade Queen Lissandra Icons
Download Bloodstone Lissandra Icons

Void Illaoi icons are pure recolors with different ingame portrait. No preview here.

Download Void Illaoi icons



  1. please can you do it for the Project skins? (Especially Project Ashe) And Mecha ones as well would be good (Kha’zix especially)


  2. If you would make a rengar one, doesn’t matter which one, i would love you for the rest of my life ❤


    • Icons are not tied with skins 9except poolparty fiddlestick). So if you replace any of these icons, you will see same icons for other skins too. Basically you are replacing default base champion portrait with this one.

      Thats why I updated DS thresh portrait 5 mins ago, now it’s more similar to base skin silhouette


      • Do you know if there’s anyway I can specifically make it so its for that skin? I don’t want to see enemy base Liss Skins getting kills as Bloodstone, unless that’s not how it works with like the Shut Down portraits.

        Also I’ve always wanted this so thank you so much. 🙂


        • That may require some code editing, and i don’t know how to do that. These icons are just plain graphic editing, no programming, scripting, editing numbers or something like that.


  3. Those are amazing! can you make one for pulsefire ez?
    it’s a shame it only changes the portrait but it doesn’t change the Ability icons :/ for a 3250rp…


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