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Main male character from Overwatch
>>>Download this skin here<<< This skin features *Whole new champion model for Graves some preview pic and here is the spotlight >



  1. I guess people just put here whatever they want, there’s no 1 controllin it. I mean wtf is this skin? Look at his legs!???!


    • it is the bug with custom model so every graves skin will have this bug at his legs
      and people cant put whatever they want here because mapskins is not leaguecraft where people can put even virus on their skin and there always be moderator and admin who controlling it and checking it every day


    • and also if you mean wtf is this skin I can tell you this skins is Soldier76 a character from Overwatch because he fit with graves both him and graves use shotgun so I made him a graves custom skin


  2. Hey man can you fix the bug when he reloads his legs walk all funny.. and maybe add some new particles? either way i love the skin i just want to see it working perfect 🙂


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