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Old Karma (Model + Particles)

This mod brings back Karma’s old model and particles.


Replaces Karma’s model and particles with her pre-VU ones. The model of the post-VU skins are unchanged, but any skin which has unchanged particles will use the old ones. Since Karma’s Q was changed completely, the particle is unchanged.

General Info:

  • Author: Sokzajelo
  • Size: 6.15MB
  • Release Date: 16.6.2016

Hope you enjoy it! If you find any bugs or have a suggestion leave a comment and I’ll answer.
Thanks to Lil’ Doge for helping me with a particle problem!

Download and Install:

”0256″You can install this skin with Wooxy

1. Download Old Karma (Model + Particles).
2. In Wooxy, click “Skins” > “Import skin” > “Add package” and select the downloaded zip file.
3. Your skin is now imported in Wooxy, you can install it by selecting it in the list and clicking “Install”.



  1. Heeey! It’s been a year by now :c and I looooved the OLD KARMA, I just noticed this Custom Skin things existed and I saw this! and when I tried to get it… It didn’t work, it’s bugged, all particles are ok, but ingame the model isn’t working, it’s just her head and fans, the rest of her isn’t working :c why is this? will you fix it?


  2. Hello sokzajelo. Can you fix this skin? The particles are fine, but the model is distorted and just glides. Thanks! I really really really want to use this again. The last time it worked was in September 2016 :c


  3. Hey sokzajelo! For some reason after the 6.20 patch, this custom skin is buggy. Her model only includes her face and fans now. Just wanted to let you know 🙂

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  4. Hi SOKZAJELO it’s me again i wanted to know please if you can put back here animation on mf ult s6 and not change here aa animation 5.14 . i explain just change here animation of ult , when she get here new aniamtion of ult in s6 and dont change here aa animation of 5.14 please send me back the link please ty very much


      • Hey man, did you found any clue about what to do with nidalee? I know that im kinda impatient but im really curious about it, and on top of that i really liked old nida model. 😀


          • Dayum. thats not the best news to hear, well at least i know you’re trying to do something. In that case, can i ask you to make old katarina and soraka model? If mind of course. I’m still waiting for nida doe, but i know that you can’t do anything till you will figure out what to do with wad so, meanwhile can you do old soraka and katarina please? If you can than i would be really grateful :D.


  5. Wow, TY TY TY TY so much man! Really great job with karma, salutes to you! She is one of my faviorute champions! Really good job with her! Still waiting for old nidalee and soraka, but oh man, amazing job with her! 😀


    • Thanks! Unfortunately I’ve ran into an unexpected problem with nidalee. In the newest patch the wad format got changed. This isn’t a problem for other champions because putting a bin file (older format) in the folder works normally. However for nidalee it doesn’t work for whatever reason. I’m afraid it won’t work until the new wad format is figured out.


      • That’s really unfortunate, well i hope you will figure it out somehow, i know you will :D. Btw, if you want, i can upload on mediafire karma old VO and her pictures in game and in client. So it can be a full karma persona before her relaunch :D. I have done the same for ashe and sivir, so if you want, i can always try to do old champions VO and you can add them with the future old mods :D.


        • I don’t include old splashes/icons because there’s a lot of mods for old splashes and such and it would interfere with them so it would be a bit clumsy. It’s too late to include the voiceover now but you could upload it yourself if you want!


        • Saved me the time for finishing those voice mods. 😉 Also, please just release them as voice mods, and don’t include the splash arts. I will be doing a splash art mod, and will actually try to finish it tonight. 🙂


          • I can add her old VO, but dunno how :P. Her VO is fully finished it doesn’t contain any of the new karma quotes. Those VO mods are not hard to do TBH, it takes around half an hour for me to do them. But still i first need to learn how to add the post on this site, in order to “publish her VO” 😛 😛


          • I know how to do them, as I’ve made a lot and uploaded them on here, but when you are working with Sion or Gangplank where they have SO MANY lines, it can take hours, including replacing item-buying quotes, grunts, and also renaming every file so they match the random numbers. It can get really tedious.


      • Cant do screenshot at the moment, but something is definetly wrong with her skin, i dont see her face or skin, i see some weird colours on her. All animations are fine, but her face is kinda green etc. Something propably went wrong with her .dds file : karma_sungoddess_TX_CM. I redownloaded it and installed it again but still her whole face is somesort of green. mb you accidently didn’t changed her dds file, because i had that problem before too.


        • Ah, I made a really stupid mistake, her texture is “karma_sungodess_2012_CM” but in the .bin file I wrote “karma_sungoddess_2012_CM” (I added an extra ‘d’). I fixed it now so redownload and it should work.


          • Ty, idk if i can ask you about this, but do you have some schedulde of releasing other old champion models? Like katarina, nidalee, soraka, kayle? 😀 I’m really interested cause i would love to see old nidalee (if you can cause you said there is a problem with her), katarina and kayle in game 😀


          • Well I don’t really have a strict schedule, I usually do whatever champion I feel like, or if someone requests it, but sometimes a problem which I can’t fix happens so I shift to someone else. I’m planning to eventually do all old models but I don’t have a precise release date for anything.


          • Well, thank you for quick response, i hope you will find a way to get nidalee into game :D. Again thank you for your hard work :D.


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