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Main female character from Overwatch
>>>Download this skin here<<<
new update is out
This skin features
*Whole new champion model for Caitlyn
some preview pic

and here is the spotlight >

and also a game play video by BakaDnyce



  1. Hello! I want to ask if you could make a custom skin for Jinx, which changes her into Rose (a character from game called Elsword) in her class Freyja?

    ^ this is Freyja. She focuses on attacking from the air and her particles are mostly yellow, expect her grenades, whose are lightblue. You can check out her skills like Crossmore or EMP Storm/Photon Bomb for the reference.

    I think the Freyja really fits Jinx, mostly because their machine guns are similiar and they look pretty alike. I hope you’ll consider making it.


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