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Released Spirits Udyr

WHAT IS UP GUYS? This is a kind of special skin for celebrating 50k views on my Channel! It works almost completely, at early stage without an ability he has no hands though. Pretty funny to see him punching without hands. I put a lot of work in it and tried to fit the themes, Tiger for a kind of Ice Tiger like thing, Turtle as steel, Bear as a fire bear and Phoenix as Void themed. Hope you enjoy it!
Oh and also you don’t need the actual skin for it, it works with Base skin only =)


  • New 4 stances
  • New textures in general
  • New loading screen

General Info:

  • Author: ggrengar
  • Size: 9.87 MB
  • Release Date: 6.6.2016

Download and Install:

”0256?You can install this skin with Wooxy

1. Download Released Spirits Udyr.
2. In Wooxy, click “Skins” > “Import skin” > “Add package” and select the downloaded zip file.
3. Your skin is now imported in Wooxy, you can install it by selecting it in the list and clicking “Install”.


  1. Have you seen the metal gear solid hecarim skin, it has a VO wxy file with it, can you do the same thing with this skin? I wouldn’t see why not because everysingle sound is different and has Snake’s VO.


  2. Such a shame a beautifl skin as this isnt able to work for me, when i enter a match it just stays as classic, is there a way to fix the archive or something?
    PSA: You are my favorite custom skin maker ggrengar c:.


  3. I really liked this custom skin but its not working anymore😦 Please fix it I WANT TO BECOME TRICK2G🙂 Please fix this pls. U are the best custom skin maker ty for all ur skins


      • well it did first.. and then the VO was not there so i thought ok maybe something wrong with wooxy.. i still played with it but now i dont have the skin at all
        its installed and i checked but whenever i go.. its just the normal udyr


  4. Just doesnt work for me. I install the skin successfully in Woxxy, but when I get into the game nothing changes. I tried the Beast Slayer Udyr an it does work. Why?


  5. Can u please add the spin animation for the R(pheonix stance) and can u please just get the q particles a bit more better,everything else is preety much perfect, it would be nice to have the sound fixed but even if it cant be fixed, its good without them aswell😀 . Keep up the good work by the way🙂.


  6. GGrengar you are the best.You make that cool Teemo skin.Now i see this spirit gurdian udyr skin. You should work at Riot.Keep up the good work


  7. Hi.
    Your skin is the best.
    Some of the real spirit guard vioces came with your skins but the taunt and joke sounds are missing. That would be fun if the sounds are work.

    sorry for the bad english.🙂


  8. Hey man nice work on the skin ,can I ask if you can make an original Spirit Guard and add animations on it? Thanks in advance


  9. Looks awesome man, thanks for the skin, really looks amazing. There is one thing tho, I played against an enemy Udyr that owned the Spirit Guard Udyr and he had the stock skin while I had the SG one🙂


  10. Hey! So i have my own retexture of the skin but i cant get the stance change effects and animations to work. Can you help me?


  11. I’m christian, but i don’t believe in one God, there’s one more. It isn’t “JAHWE” or something, it’s just (or not just) “GGRENGAR” !

    Mate, i like Udyr and i was surfing on half of internet to download this skin, and i saw it on mapskins !!!! Thank you !
    LOVE YA❤❤❤❤ !


  12. yo man can you make a normal spirit guard udyr for just the base? there are currently no other spirit guard udyr customs that arent safe or not buggy, its up to you but it would be awesome if you did just the classic colors aswell


      • Yeah it’s not allowed to do that because I would steal Riot’s skin with it. When I do custom skins I use my own creativity to create something different, with that method I would just steal the files and upload it


  13. Yo, man, can you try to make GP chroma pack? Or GP themed skin, you did this well, so I hope you can make a good GP skin.


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