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ORDER OF THE CHAOS – Burning Nightmare Nocturne (V1.1)


  • Hi guys, this is the last version (stable) 1.1 of the V1 Series for the “ORDER OF THE CHAOS – Burning Nightmare Nocturne” skin that i made.
  • The skin with all its features comes into a single (.zip) file. DO NOT install the (.zip) file itself directly into Wooxy. Instead, extract the (.zip) file to your PC and follow the instructions included inside the (.txt) files.
  • It replaces the base skin for Nocturne.



  • Improved Model And Textures
  • Added New Textures
  • Added New Animations
  • Added New Particles
  • Fixed Many Bugs And Issues


  • Author: alex131994
  • (.zip) File Size: 11.9 MB
  • Release Date: 5/6/2016 (DD/MM/YY)


You can only install this skin with Wooxy

  1. Download  the “ORDER OF THE CHAOS – Burning Nightmare Nocturne” custom skin here
  2. In Wooxy, click “Skins” > “Import skin” > “Add package” and select the (.wxy) file that you want to install.
  3. Your skin is now imported in Wooxy and you can install it by selecting it in the list and clicking “Install”.


  • If for any reason the skin itself or parts of it do not work correctly, try uninstalling-deleting-reinstalling the (.wxy) package.
  • If the skin itself appears not to work, please contact me.
  • Thank you!


    • for personal contact, u may private message me via the Discord application (website/desktop/mobile)! i am online pretty much every day under the name Alex131994


  1. whooooaa you yes make the best skins¡¡¡ the zed skin, this of nocturne and of chogath and victor i hasnt see but i know that will be fantastic¡ 😀 you can make one of ekko? and if you imagination fly better luck


  2. is it possible to make it an addition to the eternum skin? as in you select the eternum skin that you buy then this happens on it and others just see the eternum skin?


    • yes, and as a matter of fact, all V2 of my skins which are much greatly improved are not on base skins at all! all i can say for now is that this skin’s V2 is on eternum nocturne indeed!


  3. Could you fix the tail movement?? Beacuse the tail is just not moving up and down or left and right. I would appreciate if you could fix this. Overall the skin is GREAT!!!


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