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PROJECT: Shen [Final Version]

Hello everyone! Woah its been to long, but now here it is the final version of PROJECT: Shen!

Model Viewer

Skin Spotlight


  • Added Particles, with the help of Alex go check him out
  • Added a little metal part texture in the eye
  • Splash Art, Icons, Loadscreen


Well here it is guys the final version sorry it took so long, i was busy with school, but here it is :D. Stay tune for more!

Download: ⇒PROJECT: Shen

Enjoy Playing! and be sure to check out more of my skins HERE



  1. I would like a suggestion for a skin, either on Shen or master yi it’s a character from a game called Magic Rush called Saizo, he looks pretty fking cool and i would like a mod of him in either those 2 champs! please!


  2. The idea is nice, but the animations are not really good. For example the the w detailes are on the highest resolution not so nice.


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