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Skin Series Feature now live!

Hello everyone, I would like to announce the new page that has been added to the mapskins menu: Skin Series!

This page can be found under Champions -> Skin Series. It contains thumbnails with links that lead you to the series of skins in the chosen theme. This system works under Tags, so even huds, splash arts and other mods with this tag will be included in the link. So if there are series on the site which you can find, simply go to “…” and fill in the theme you are looking for. As the content on the site grows, so will the page along with more series that will be released in the future. I hope you all enjoy this new feature on the site!

Current Series:

Enjoy the new page and keep your eyes open for more themed skin series!



  1. This is a great idea! Too bad it came the day after I spent an hour carefully archiving and organizing my mods by category and series too. X-X


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