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Thornnn’s Mid-Season HUD Updates

June 2, 2016 – Patch 6.11: Riot decided to rename the file “Clairty_MenuAtlas” to “Scoreboard Atlas”, rendering all Custom HUDs Tab menus to go back to base skin. All Skins below have been Fixed!

Hey guys, Thornnn here. As you already know, Patch 6.9 introduced a new Dragon System and along with it, new icons. Sorry for the wait, but i wanted to be sure i only had to update them once, as more changes were subject to change. Nearing the drop of Patch 6.11 and a New LCS Season, Dragon changes from here on are less than likely to occur till the end of season.

Note: I can’t update any 2016 NA LCS/EU LCS/LCK/LPL HUDs i have done, since i’ve lost the files, but never fear! I have plans to whip up another batch of 2016 Summer LCS Team HUDs, but in a more organized fashion (ie: All of NA Teams in one post, all of EU Teams in another)



To let you know or not, if you currently have an updated version, i have labeled each update as a Version 2.1. If you have Version 1 HUDs done by me from the past, they are outdated and you need to re-download the updated file.

List of HUDs Updated

[Red] Bloodmoon HUD

[Light Grey] Bloodmoon HUD & [Dark Grey] Bloodmoon HUD

[LMS], [NA LCS], [EU LCS], [LPL], [IWCI], [LCK] MSI 2016 HUDS

Target Practive HUD

LCK MSI 2016 Victory HUD


Royal Flush HUDs

(Download Links on Pages not yet updated, Below Links are updated)

That concludes the massive mid-season update, look forward to many more Themed HUDs to come in the future.

Thanks for viewing!

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  1. Thornn I love your pokemon HUD and Summoner spells and I’ll be using those for now but could you possibly make a CLG themed HUD and Summoner Spell Layout Please and
    ty sincerely zack aka TheVoidScyther


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