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Red Lotus Ekko


Red Lotus Ekko

Ekko skin concept from Ashrt on DevianART
And also check out the Red Lotus Recall animation!!! By Yoru

>>>Download this skin here<<<
General info
*M9 Team -modeling,texturing and particles
*MuvLuv -3D model rigging
Size:6.56 MB
Release Date:28/5/2016
This skin features
*Modified model for Ekko
*Red recolored particles
preview pic



  1. i have an issue: the auto attack leaves a glitched trail… i mean it’s like the auto attack sword trail remains stuck for a while before disappearing. i hope i explained myself, any idea on how to fix it?


  2. The concept art for ekko was so amazing but the custom skin the scarf looks weird the model looks exact same like the pic but the blade holder and it’s so huge and awesome! Don’t know if I might do a video for it lol but I’ll check the skin first ^^


    • It was my first modeling job so please pardon me ^^. Thanks for the opinion and expect skin for Darius soon 🙂 P.S. Don’t tell anyone about it. – Marcius


      • please tell me how to remove the cloack form his back its just soo… shiet the skin is awesome, that thing destroys all


    • Thanks. I’m not happy with scarf either(didn’t know how to make it). I have invited one person to “M9Team” who will rig models for us so we will do everything by ourselves now and we will have more time to work on skins. We’ll try to stay away from capes unless its premade by others – Marcius

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