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Overwatch sound mod


Hello there, and welcome to my Overwatch Sound Mod! I’m glad you decided to check out my second contribution to MapSkins. This one has had a LOT of trail and error, and I’m aware there are a few bugs for me to iron out. It’s got the overall Overwatch feel, so I hope you enjoy. This mod includes

  • New Client Sound Effects
  • New Lobby, Draft, Blind background music.
  • New Announcer Pack featuring Overwatch Lines.

Here is the download link! If you have any special request, comments or concerns please let me know. This project was a huge learning experience for me, and I now know how tedious making these are.

Download here

Known Bugs:

Quality of some lines in announcer pack seem to peak due to myself increasing the volumes.

There are two files that it might ask about, select paths for them.



  1. Any chance you could link me to something that could help me making my own sound pack? I’m looking at making another Overwatch soundpack but wouldn’t know where to start


    • Hey there, it’s a long and difficult process, but if you’re willing to do a ton of trail and error, just look up how to make your own announcer pack.


      • I’ve made my own announcer pack before but i’m talking about the client sounds and what not. I’m using the file extractor in Wooxy atm but I feel like its the wrong way. Thanks for the reply 🙂


  2. Whenever I try to boot up a game it crashes and says “An essential game asset wasnt found: Destroyed Nexus”

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  3. can you do me a favor and separate the Announcer Pack and the Music and sounds in a separate file? I need it since I use a different program for my champ language


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