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Iron Man Zed Chroma Pack

Hello everyone, today I bring you Iron Man Zed Chroma Pack

Skin Spotlight


  • Works only for Base
  • ShockBlade Zed Particles
  • Recolored Texture & Model of Project Zed


Enjoy Playing! and be sure to check out more of my skins HERE



  1. bro the skins are amazing but I have a problem zed stays quito does not move has the skin but does not move only is in position of the image does not do the animations of anything I do not know if you could help me please


  2. bro nice skins but how u edit sfx fow shocblade zed skin when i try to make shocblade zed skin like an cusrom skin Q and E hit sfk dont aper but when i add sfk for shocblade zed Q cast sfx dont apear and W also plssssss help me


  3. Those skins are amazing.. but i don’t know why i can’t instal them.. it doesn’t work 😦
    I would appreciate any help.. i really do love war machine zed


    • try clicking it over and over until it downloads or use another browser then download it there


  4. Hey, do you think you can make a version of this skin that’s for the Project: Zed skin? Or at least send me a folder/rar that gives all the textures you used for the skins? I am a fan of your work and I love the skins. It would be awesome if you could do this.


  5. Could you possibly edit the Q particles so it uses Project: Zed ones thats on there back? Looks a bit odd when it throws a different one :L

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