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Dragon Recolor Pack! +Profile Icons!

You know those 5 new Dragons that hit the rift? Yeah, I made them look pretty. I made Profile Icons, too.


I’m kidding. It’s not Dragon Hell. c’: 

Anyway, I recolored all five of the new Dragons, and I’m here to give them all to you! This time, I’ll let you decide if you want only one or two of them, or if you want all of them at once! I also edited the dargon particles, though there weren’t any that came with Infernal. ;-; Ocean had a lot of particles…. THOUGH I NEVER SAW ANY EXCEPT FOR MOUNTAIN’S I THINK. /cry.

Here’s a spotlight: 

Now, onto screenshots and downloads!

First up:

The Cloud Drake!

Here’s my pretty Cloud Drake. Honestly, I think this is the best out of all 5! But I’ll let you guys decide on that one! I think my favorite part(s) are the “fluff” around her head and her wings.

Download this pretty girl here: Cutesy Cloud Drake

Next up:

The Infernal Drake!

This bad boy was inspired by Fel-related things in World of Warcraft. Shoutout to my buddy hollywoodjake for giving me the idea! 

Download this badass here: InFelnal Drake

It’s time foooorrrrrrrrr….

The Mountain Drake!

This little shit was pretty hard, because his texture file IS SO F***ING MONOTONE. But, somehow, I magically found a way to make him look purrty. He really reminds me of the old dargon model-wise. Also, FYI, his texture is terrifying. (Idk how long this will stay here but here’s a screenshot of his texture: )

You can download this creepily-textured little shit here: Mountain Douchewaffle

Aaaand next iiiiisssssssss….

The Ocean Drake!

Honestly, I tried to darken this one up but it’s still pretty bright. She was almost a Candy Apple dragon, but that would be tacky. 😛 Her belly is pretty bright, nut you like never see it so I decided against f***cking with it any more than I already tried to. 

You can download this cute little water dargon here: Candy Apple Pinkified Ocean Dargon

And, last but not least…

The Elder Drake!

ELDER DRAGON IS BEST DRAGON. That is all. He’s like.. So big and fluffy ;u; Pls love him for me guys, he needs cuddles. He was really grumpy this morning! Anyway, I worked on the Elder Dragon first, and I really like the highlights(Inside his mouth, and the spikes on his wings). 

Download this big cuddlebug here: The Elder Swear

Download for all 5 in one file: All 5 little badasses

But.. That’s not all I have for this post. Nonono, I have MORE. I have….

Profile Icons.

Only problem? You can only see the in the loading screen and in-game(I think). Sad day.

To see them, you need to use these icons: 

Here’s a peek of them in the loading screen. You can see Infernal and Ocean here. Tbh I don’t remember which one is which so you’ll have to figure it out on your own ;_;

You can download the pack here: Badass Icons


I hope you enjoy everything ❤ As I finish this typing this post up at 10:20am(Eastern), it has taken me about 5 hours from the initial extraction of the files to finishing the post. This morning was fun. I had fun doing this, even had fun making the post. I really really really hope you all love these Dargons. ❤

With love from NA,

Elder Draggie Tyre.



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