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Old Summoner Spells (Flash, Teleport, Recall, Heal, Ignite, Exhaust, Smite, Barrier)

Hi guys! I’m here to publish a post where you can download the old Summoner spell particles.

If you don’t want to install all the summoner spells just certain spells (Ex. Flash and Teleport or any other combos), click here.

If you want to install all of them, you needn’t install them one by one, it’s enough to click here.



    • You don’t need to replace the DDS files. You only need to grab the old Summoner_Flash.troybin or Summoner_Burn.troybin files and rename them to the actual names, for example Summoner_Flash.troybin would be —> global_ss_flash.troybin or the Summoner_burn,troybin would be —> global_ss_ignite.troybin. 🙂

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