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Classic Yellow Jacket Shen

Simple skin emulating the old Yellow Jacket skin pre-rework. Replaces Yellow Jacket Shen. Uses the spirit sword from the base skin.


(Note: The thigh armor is not present ingame as per the old skin, just is required for the render)



  1. Can you make the new yellow jacket shen just a bit changed because (copyright rito)? if you can i love you dude you are the MVP


      • He’s most likely asking for a Scorpion (Mortal Kombat) skin. Apparently a lot of people nitpicked that the Shen remake no longer made Yellow Jacket resemble Scorpion.


      • Byron wants something that is basically the official newer version, except changed enough so that it wouldn’t breach copyright in Riot’s view, so that they would not bother trying to take it down. They remove updated official versions that get uploaded.


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