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Top 25 skins, 1 million views and Giveaway!

Hey guys, PentaKing here to bring you the top 25 skins determined through votes and stats. To celebrate PentaKing Reaching 1 million views: A giveaway!

Top 25 custom skins:

In the video above you can see the Top 25 skins on mapskins. These results have been determined through votes & statistics of popularity on the skin. Aside from that I also looked at the amount of time and how much effort there has been put into the skins. Tell me your thoughts on this top 25 and let me know if you think I missed a skin in this list. Look in the description of the video on youtube to see the links to the skins in the video!


1 Million views:

Exactly 1 year ago I joined as a newbie who just started using and making custom skins for about a week. Back then it was a bit harder to join mapskins, so i set up a CV to join mapskins. Click here to see the CV. After getting accepted into mapskins I posted TSM yasuo which blew up on social media tsm yasuo shares and it brought tons of attention. It was more than I ever expected and till today on its still one of my best skins. After that many things followed in a year and as of today, I am the editor/admin of mapskins , I have created Team Royal Flush with very talented people who will make epic skins, I have made a succesfull youtube channel and I will have 1 million views on mapskins pretty soon! So I would like to Thank all of you for coming this far ❤



And now the reason why all of you clicked this post in the first place! (-.-“)

Similar to the teams month giveaway, I will do another giveaway for reaching 1 million views on mapskins. This is a truly incredible amount and i would like to give back to you through this. What I will be giving away is a Mystery Skin Box (only for NA, EUW & EUNE). If I reach 500 subscribers on youtube before this event ends, I will be doing another mystery box giveaway. Also, If you receive all 40 points through the methods below, you will get the opportunity to become a VIP of mapskins where you get access to channels with our greatest skin creators and also get to see skins in progress before they get released. You will also be the first to test out the skins of Team Royal Flush Like Royal Jack Garen before we release them. More information about this will follow IF you qualify. Lexianna is the VIP of mapskins through reaching 40 points and contributing alot to our community. So you might get the same if you are dedicated enough like her to custom skins from our site 🙂

The same as last time there will be some simple rules


  1. Share this post on Facebook by clicking on this below: tsm yasuo shares.
  2. Like the PentaKing Facebook Page and message me your Summoner Name + Server.
  3. Subscribe to my YouTube Channel (another giveaway if we reach 500 subscribers).

Further explanation:

The giveaway will work on a point based system. The more points you gather, the higher chance you will get of receiving a giveaway. You can get points for the following:

  • Share this post on Facebook. (1 point)
  • Like the PentaKing FB Page. (1 point)
  • Subscribe to the PentaKing Youtube Channel. (1 point)
  • Let your friends refer your summoner name when they message me their summoner name. (goes up to 10 points for 10 referrals)
  • Upload a screenshot of your summoner name playing 1 of the skins from the top 25 skins video (2 Points)
  • Upload a Video of your summoner name playing 1 of the skins from the top 25 skins video (5 points)
  • Upload a Gameplay Video of your summoner name playing in a full team with custom skins from mapskins (own choice which champions).(20 points + Feature in one of my posts.)

These are the ways of how to get points based on how much effort 1 person puts into receiving the giveaways. Note that getting the highest amount of points does not neccesarily mean that you will win a giveaway. So basically if you receive the maximum amount of points (40 points) out of the 1000 total points. Then your chance of winning is (40/1000)*100%= 2%.
Getting 4 points will mean (4/1000)*100%=0,2%. So basically the more points you receive. the higher chance you have of winning. Everyone will be registered in my file which will show how many points which person has. You can find this file here:

Winners will be announced on Sunday 1 May!






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