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Resurrection mod

I am creating a mod where I will revive all the old League of Legends, such as HUD, summoner spells, etc. (Google Translate)

Here I leave some screenshots

In the future I’ll post updates and I read the ideas.

In the future I will add the ancient spells Summoner , the mini map, Tab menu, etc.

Tnx for reading and downloading 😀
PS: It’s my first mod, my first time with Wooxy and I’m new to this community.
Download from: Google Drive



    • Thanks for the comment, I’m redoing the HuD, better than this.
      If you wait I can do another post with the updated version.
      This gonna take a long time, but is worth it


  1. Man Como veo que hablas español :3 , existe alguna forma de volver la antigua “Victory”?


    • Creo que si… Tengo que investigarlo, pero yo no puedo modificar la publicación, por lo tanto tengo que esperar a que un Admin me actualice el post con el nuevo link etc. D:


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