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OLD Announcer HUD (Season 4 Style)

Road to Old Season style!

Hi guys, this is a mod that I’ve always wanted to do and ask mods if they can do it, so I did it my self and spent 2 days on it. In my opinion i don’t like the new HUD ATM, to me it looks ugly as fuck, I prefer the old one instead. My job for me, is to make you feel Nostalgia! Enjoy 😀



League of Legends 2016-04-22 18-17-43-300League of Legends 2016-04-22 18-18-52-719League of Legends 2016-04-22 18-19-04-226League of Legends 2016-04-22 17-03-18-007



  1. why does the download have to be at 4shared we have to wait 60s to download why not mediafire


  2. If it’s not too much to ask. Do you think you could possibly post the individual files? Iwould like to have them because i really want to know how you did this so i can try it out myself. Thanks in advance 🙂


  3. Nice job once again! I saw tons of requests for this one. Do you have a picture of the old Hud yet by the way? I’m really curious how it’ll work. 😉


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