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Welcome to the Royal Flush Kingdom

Welcome to our Kingdom!



This is an Introduction to the Royal Flush Kingdom. This basically is the name of the Project we are beginning with: The Royal skins. The first skin that we will present to you all… well, you can decide yourself who you think it will be. Here is a teaser:


Royal Flush Logo:

Next up we want to show you our official Royal Flush Logo:

You will be seeing this logo alot throughout all our posts so a heads up  for that.



As you already know a few of the members of Team Royal Flush (looking at you YoloHagrid & Thornnn), we got a few more members who have been actively working on the skins within RF. You can Click on the names to see all their solo work on So all of our members are:

Creator of the world Famous skins Cat Fnatic Darius, PIErate Ahri and also the first post ever of Team Royal Flush: Royal Flush Ekko! YoloHagrid is currently studying day and night so he won’t be fully active on the projects, but when he gets time so now and then, he will make sure to come and bring you an amazing skin! You can refer to him as the Joker of the Team.

Also known as the Legendary HUD Creator of Mapskins. He has created everything there is to create in custom skins going from champion skins to Login Screens all the way to Chroma Packs. His role in this team will mainly be texturing & working on the presentation for the posts. Also to keep memes and jokes rolling in the Team. Therefore he can be referred to as the Wild Card (Ten) of the Team.

Creator of many skinlines as the Arctic Warfare series, but also some projects with Natoken Project like DJ Viktor & Cyborg Talon. Even though he recently started making skins, his skills are really high and will probably become the biggest skin creator some day. His role in this team will be modelling & making scenes for the custom splash arts. Keep your eyes on him because he will grow really big through experience. He can be referred to as the Jack of the Team.

Creator of the very succesfull Forest Guardian ARAM Map and many Forest Guardian Custom skins. He recently joined Mapskins but already has made a huge impact on the quality of the posts on this site. And this is only the beginning. He has many more skins in store for you all so keep your eyes on his work. His role in this team will mainly be Texturing & Designing. This means that he will be creating unique and original stuff which have never been seen before. You can refer to him as the Queen of the Team.

Creator of Cyber Warlord Zed & Burning Nightmare Nocturne. Even though it hasnt been long since he started creating Custom skins, He already posesses knowledge about maybe every aspect of skin creation. He will specialize in creating the animations & Particles for the team. You can refer to him as the Ace of the Team.

Creator of the most Team skins & The map skin Fallen Rift. It has been a year since he joined mapskins and is currently the Editor of the site. He has put this team together and scouted the members listed above, in hope to create a solid team that has expertises in every aspect of skin creation. His role in this team will mainly be holding together the progresses & working on the presentation for the posts and publishing them. He will also lead many map skin projects (That’s right. MANY MAP SKINS!) so keep your eyes open for the “project” ahem. He can be referred to as the King of the Team.

You might already know many of these creators. So you can slightly imagine the Quality of the work in the Team when you combine everything into 1 whole project/skin. We are all very motivated to make Epic skins and we hope to make people smile when they play our skins!


Royal Flush Kingdom:

We also have a page where you will be able to find all our skins & work, but also information about us and what we are working on. This isnt fully open yet, but you can visit it and save the page in advance to keep track of our skins!

Go to:

This is all for now. We hope that all of you are excited to see our projects. And hereby we would like to say FINALLY, Team Royal Flush has Arrived!



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