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Army of The Urf Lord 2016


Army of The Urf Lord 2016
Urfuo Urfed and Urfhin and the celebration of the arrival of The Urf Lord in 2016
>>>Download this skin here<<<
This skin features
*A modified model of Yasuo Zed and Jhin
*New Zed New Q Razor Shuriken particle
*Modified Yasuo Zed and Jhin Taunt emotion voice
*Modified Jhin Passive Whisper emotional voice
some preview pic
for Urfuo

for Urfed

and Urfhin



  1. these skins look amazing, like i think they are the best on this entire website. gj m8


  2. if I already have a custom skin for zed and I wanna download this one too, would I be able to switch between them in games? IF so how would I do so? Ty for any response


    • You cannot change skin in game. You have to uninstall the custom skin and install the one you want to use, everytime you want to change to another skin you have to reinstall it if you are using a different one, Wooxy may automatically unistall the old skin when you intall a new one for the same champion.


  3. Could you make me a skin please? I have been asking around everywhere but I think I finally found the person (you) to make me this skin. I am wanting an URF Riven custom skin. Lemme know if it’s doable and contact me ( when it’s done.


      • Yeah I know, I love URF so much though. I am literally on a team called “The URF Legion”, we all have URF ward skins, now just needing URF skins for our main characters and then we plan on getting someone to make us an URF Legion map where it has team banners with our team symbol on it along with a file that reaplces all of the in game league of legends music with “Welcome to Planet URF”


  4. Can I download just Yasuo and zed? I don’t even own Jhin + why is the file so huge, (233 mb)


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