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Metroid Prime Meta Ridley Galio


Galio as Meta Ridley, normal version for standard skin and ripped wing version for Enchanted Galio skin!

I really love galio and have been struggling to find a good match for him as a custom skin! But finally now he is the main villain from my all-time favorite game: Metroid Prime! The leader of the feared Space Pirates, Ridley is now scouring the Rift looking for the Bounty Hunter to finish her once and for all!

Timing couldn’t have been better with Muv Luv recently releasing his amazing Samus the Galactic Bounty Hunter !

Also from this series in Muv Luv’s incredible Adam Malkovich !




There are more skins I made to be found here: Mundonator’s skins

This particular skin can be downloaded  here: Metroid Prime Meta Ridley (By Mundonator) – 1



  1. I have 2 skin requests I want you to make, because you are a great custom skin maker.
    1. Magneto Taric(reworked)- Replace his gems with metal pieces and make his last skill like a magnetic field.
    2. Stitches(from Heroes of the storm) as nautilus


  2. Pls, i want to see a Mettaton EX Taric, or Mettaton Blitzcrank, just think on it, it would be awesome.


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