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Cosmic Reaver Kassadin (Champion Portrait)

Hello my friends, long time no see^^

I’m back with a little mod. This mod changes the champion circle portrait when using Cosmic Reaver Kassadin. This is only a small addition to the skin but I always thought it would be pretty nice and since Riot only changes these circle portraits for ultimate skins I thought I could share this with you. Note that unlike other portrait changing mods, this will only effect Cosmic Reaver Kassadin and not his other skins.

Downloadlink for the bought Skin:


As a lot of you may already know, I always port skins with my friends and we post the links and the list on the Mapskins Discord. The time showed me that this wasn’t such a good idea. So we are moving away from the mapskins server and switch to our own discord to reduce the skin-port-spam on the Server that wasn’t meant to work as a place to share base ported Riot Skins. So like I said we will now host and post skins on this Discord (” Skin-Ports “). For everyone who is already on the mapskins server to get baseported Riot skins, I would recommend you to come over to this server and look for skins there because you won’t get any updates there anymore.



  1. This is your latest post, I think… So could you take the PROJECT: Ashe files and put it here like you did this skin? Thanks ^^


  2. WOW!! It’s Awesome ! Can u make Champion Portrait for Mecha Kha’Zix? Or Death Bloosom ? PLEASE ❤


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