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Black Mecha Zero Sion

Hello everyone! This is probably unexpected from me (More old mods soon), but after seeing the new Sion skin, I was a little disappointed. I made this when it was first uploaded on the PBE, so it’s been a while. I made a black recolor that I think looks alright. Hopefully you guys like it! Of course, it is just a texture edit of Mecha Zero Sion, so I hope at least one of you like it! I also wanted to give a shoutout to “WaitingForUrf” on the PBE for recognizing me from here. Thanks bro!

Here’s an image album for a few extra pictures of the skin:

Download (Of course, just add the files inside the folder, not the folder itself)

I hope you guys enjoy, and I’ll see you next time with an “old in-game icon/loading screen” mod, then (Maybe) old Karthus’ voice, then Taric’s, then Karma’s, then I might try to make an old champion skin mod of my own. 🙂



  1. Hi Hurricane!

    dude, amazing work, im new here, looking for a skin to my sion. tell me something: i need to buy the original mecha skin to use it? or it will replace my classic sion? thanks bro im a newbie!


  2. Man dont leave it as it is.. This has so much potential if you would put some red into it. Please!!
    I apreciate your work though.


    • Just read the comments down there. I have already said how to install it. REMEMBER it goes over Mecha Zero Sion, not his base skin.


      • hey man,i was wondering,could you pleaaaaase make an old tristana VO? I love her old voice and if you could do that,that’d be great!


  3. A black and green steel legion garen (Bioforge) or a black and red steel legion garen (Battlecast) With particles with whichever one u do.


  4. It doesn’t work for me. I tryed to install both files seperately and i tryed to install the files in .zip file. In both cases it says 2 files were added and I do the things you’ve said in your comment but when I play Sion then he has the normal skin. can you say me how to fix this??


  5. I truly love this! i had the exact same thought when i saw the mecha sion first.. what a great skin.. but why orange??? well done! it could have a lil splice of red imo but its my lock and load now!° peace and greetz AL

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    • Thanks man. Where might be a good idea to add red? Just curious to see if I might want to do a small edit. Originally this was going to have orange particles but it didn’t work out in the end.


      • There are a few variants of grey on the skin(maw, number,arms and chest) you could exchange those to a dark red variant. it woudnt break the colour scheme if its dark enough. Stilll digging yours. Thumbs up


  6. Apparently a lot of people are having trouble with this. I guess I’ll right a step-by-step guide on how to install it If you are having trouble please read this.

    Click “Import Skin” on the “Skins” page on Wooxy.
    Select “Add Files.”
    Add the 2 files in separately.
    After that, it should say: “2 files were added.”
    Click Save.
    Name the skin Black Mecha Zero Sion, make the author Hurricane Rush, Version 1, just use the default image.
    Press “Save Skin.”
    There. It’s the same process as many other skins, but I guess people had some trouble.


  7. it is not workin 4 me … i did everything (downloaded the 2 files … got them … and nothing 😦 ) I dont know what to do !?!


  8. nice job bro!! keep going the good job.! but 1820 rp are too much 😛 if it was for the Classic Sion it would be great ! yeah i know you cant do this..


    • The main reason I made this in the first place was mainly for myself. I’ve been waiting for years for a new Sion skin, so of course I’m gonna buy it. 🙂


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