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Transformer Prime Series

Transformer Prime!!!

Hello everyone! Today is the begining of the new Series Transformer Prime.
This time this post is about the arranged 6 characters.

Optimus Prime as Garen


Lord Megatron as Aatrox


Bumblebee as Lee Sin


Soundwave as Orianna


Bulkhead as Malphite


Starscream as Shaco


But wait!!! there are still many many more characters and skins from Transformer prime so stay update for more news
Thats all for this time and see you next post with the pack of 6 skins above guys!



  1. may I request a skin series for you? if you’re not too busy,I’ve always used your skins and I find your skill simply amazing(even though i can’t do it myself and I feel bad to ask you todo more work) but what about a RWBY skin series? (if you know the show)

    here’s a link to the website about the show(if you haven’t watched it,I highly recommend you do)

    I also have ideas for the characters in league to be the I from the show
    if you want these ideas you can send me email at this address or message me ^^


  2. How About Starscream as Kalista instead of Shaco? (Something like the spears are Missiles that explode when uses his “E”, like Battlecast Vel’Koz Missiles)


  3. Starscream Shaco! YES!!! I like this setup, everyone you have listed has a very similar personality/moveset comparing to eachother. Love it.

    Other Suggestions:
    Blackarachnia – Elise
    Arcee – Katarina (There’s no Female Martial Artist like Lee Sin that fights with their fists, but i like the agility of Katarina)
    Ratchet – Taric (Tanky, Heals)

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  4. Hello i have already the skin pack of Goddess of you and if you make this as Skinpack i cant take it because my prefer is the goddess pack, i hope my english is not so bad and you know what i mean. It would be great if you can make it as pack and as one by one download i would like some of them ^^

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