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Old Model skins now working again!

After not working for a while, all of my old model skins should work properly once again!

After Riot changed the format of all champions’ skins in an earlier update this season, the mods broke and didn’t work, causing the models to appear small, distorted or non-textured. However, I’ve managed to fix them thanks to the .bin editor in the newest version of wooxy, so now they should work properly again.

The skins in question are:

Enjoy, and also feel free to give some ideas about champions I should do next!


  1. Hi, did you implement the bug fix for Fiora sounds? I loved her own splah and model so if there’s a possibility to get that sounds back. Thank you very much for your work mate 😀


  2. Sorry, I dont know if its my file but my Fiora model lose all sounds, the phrases, the autoattack/blade sound, abilities, but when i remove the model it sounds again can you check it out? please ;_;


    • the models are here but its incomplete


  3. If there was a way to bring back the GP model from season 1 like done here but for this patch that would be amazing.


        Finished it, tell me any problems!


        • This is good ty but there is quite a few bugs xd Her walking animation when the passive is fully up her guns go to her hips and she walks glitchty. When she uses spells her model goes back to some bug looking thing lol. And when she basic attacks you think she is frozen.I haven’t reached her ult to see if it’s fine since I’m not at home right now but that’s pretty much it. I haven’t tested the taunts, laughs, jokes, etc. But that’s pretty much it and do you think this can work on the original skin? Ty


  4. I would really like old Sona and Karma. I have files for old Karma but can’t seem to get the animations working (her taunt, laugh, and ult).


  5. Hey I know you’re getting tons of comments/requests but I hope you can read this one. I need some help with replacing the “” file. I made sure it was transparent, and it shows it just fine at the top in the kill feed and on the side. But the hud icon is still a square, surrounded by white. I can’t think of a way to fix it at all and I thought you would know.

    I also wanted to ask you if you can upload the Twitch one without the client/in-game stuff (I really only care about Twitch, since that’s my favorite one) and I would like to use his second splash/icon instead. Thanks again.


  6. I am currently making an old in-game champion icons/loading screens mod. I was wondering if all of your future old mods won’t contain the splash/client files (Like the Sion one). I want to make this mod able to be used with your mods so I wanted to make sure if either you are or aren’t going to add in-game/client stuff.


  7. For some reason, mediafire didn’t allow replacing files, so if the mod linked in the original post doesn’t work, check the comments for the updated link.


  8. Can you make a working Deep One Kassadin (old version) for base? Since his visual update i never felt like playing him again because that skin turned from my 2nd favorite in the game to straight up garbage. I would apreeciate if you could do that and would be very thankful.


  9. i don’t know what i’m doing wrong but the Gangplank textures doesn’t work 😦 , i’m from LAN server


  10. I’m guessing these also have the splash arts installed with them? I used the versions without any of those files before. If these do contain them, I’ll probably be making my own splash arts mod to use with these old skins 🙂


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