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Clear HUD [transparent]


 Welcome to my first custom HUD. The idea behind it was to make your vision as clear as possible. This HUD is transparent and comes with custom HP bars and bigger Combat Numbers.

Clear HUD

A beautiful transparent HUD to keep track of everything going on in the lower areas.

Simple Healthbars

Simple black Healthbars with teamcolor frames to never loose track in teamfights.

Big Combat Numbers

Bigger Combat Numbers makes sure you know about your and the enemies strength. Good when playing high resolution. Helps me alot with Lasthitting.


This pack contains 3 different mods:

  • HUD
  • Healthbars
  • Combat-Numbers

You can choose 2 different sizes of Combat-Numbers.

Feel free to let me think what you know ❤

Download and Install:

”0256″You can install this skin with Wooxy

1. Download the hole Pack: lasz1vs The download Button is in the Head Bar.
2. In Wooxy, click “Skins” > “Import skin” > “Add package” and select the downloaded and extracted .wxy files



  1. hello,

    first of all, excellent work!! only issue, is that i can’t see the dragon icones in the scoreboard, and it is no longer transparent!

    maybe you could fix this, if it wasn’t too much trouble?

    thank you!


  2. Thank you so much for making this lasz1v, it’s perfect, the only thing that kind bother me are those black circles on the side of my teammates’ health bars, but besides that, this is just what I was looking for 😀


  3. I really like your hud besides it giving me black circles that cover the lower health of a team mate as if it was another ult tracker before even having an ult. Also like someone else suggested getting rid of those black bars on the side of the hud would be cool if it was possible I mean you cant actually click on that part so it would be cool to only see what’s actually interact able with.

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    • Hi justin thx for your feedback 🙂 if ur able u can post a screenshot so i get an idea what could be the reason for the corcle bug and i try to fix it in the next update. Also will look into minimap changes 😉

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  4. Damn tho, rito might find this as “having an advantage” over other plays tho. A hud not in your face as much, and more clarity over other players? a jungle timer that rito already had in the game from mklol got them banned… tf


  5. Nice stuff, bro! Really like this for the HUD’s aesthetic look. Really pleasing to the eye. Here are my thoughts.

    MUST-DO’S! : Fix the Map !!

    Suggestions: If you can, I’d like to request that you make the ability level-up icons clear as well! Oh, maybe try customizing the shop buttons or the shop itself!.

    You’ve got a really good thing going here, I’ll be looking out for updates!


    • What would u want to see fixed on the minimap? 🙂 thx for your suggestions i’ll definetly try to include them in a update 🙂


      • Well, the black boxes bordering the mini-map irks me!
        Other than that, you’ve got a perfectly awesome HUD mod!


        • isee, unfortunaly the black boarders are part of the minimap file not the hud file. I was playing with the thought to make whole minimap transparent too if i can find the file, i’ll include your suggestions;) also check out v2.0 with clear black boarders when it gets published:) thx for your comments ❤


    • yes the level up buttons are made on a hurry ill make a fixed version with clear tab display and fitting level up buttons when i find the time 🙂


  6. las simples lifebars no sirven :p y espero la v2 del hud se que le faltan unos retoques pero está genial


  7. Download instructions:

    –>Extract<– “laszivs” (u can drag&drop it on desktop)
    Choose your wished mod (HUD and rest is seperated)
    Drag and drop your wished .wxy into wooxy’s skins


  8. Can u plz make the hud and the healthbars separate? And can u also add ult ready/not ready to the hb plz? (Blue, ready red, on cooldown)


  9. Noticed some people are having trouble with your file. You should upload your .wxy file from your {C:\Wooxy\skins} folder. It’s alot easier than a Zip file


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