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Black Sands Azir v2

Black Sands Azir v2


  • Recolored:
    • Particles
    • Ability Icons
  • Recolored/Modified Splash for Client and In-Game HUD
  • Touch-ups to color and texture of some parts of the skin

Coming if v3:

  • Modified Azir Voiceover
  • Something special

Download Here (v2)



  1. Why isnt there any more comments? This skin is amazing, and dont stop updating man. ALL the skins on this site is, and they dont get any credit for atistic design, just bug complaints. KEEP IT UP MAN YOU AWESOME


  2. I downladed it and it only has the Azir particles and doesnt affect the soldiers,his ult and his turret.Why?


    • It’s a bug, I can’t fix it till later I’m busy but if you go to the v1 I commented with a version that might work but it won’t have v2 stuff


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