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Old Renekton

Hello guys, this is my second mod I’ve submitted so far. For those who are dying to have the old models, well here you go! I’m gonna try making “League of Legends” Sesaon 3-4 type of thing.

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  1. Hey! Nice job on this skin. I have a few questions though.

    Is it for all skins, or just his base skin?
    I saw you mentioned that it’d be easy to make Heimer. Can you explain how? I learned but Riot switched it up and kinda messed up the whole process (Just look on here there are tons of old school mods and many don’t work anymore)
    I also saw you mentioned the old hud. May I see a pic? I’m very interested. 🙂
    That’s it. Good job on this and welcome to mapskins. 🙂


    • It applies to all Renekton skins, It would be easy cause i think the Heimer back then both share same animations. I will show you a pic of the old hud later afterwards when i’m finished with it.


  2. Well Renekton is one of my most missed old champions so thanks only (heimer and karthus now 😀 )


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