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Wooxy 1.4 patch notes

Hello everyone, a new Wooxy version is now available, coming with a brand new map tool and a bin file editor!



On the main window

  • Wooxy can now display a background image of the best recent skin.
  • Wooxy should load a bit faster.

Map editor

  • We added the possibility to edit map models!


Wooxy is now able to add an OBJ file to the map. After importing it, it is added to the list on the right. If you click on it, you can move it, rotate it or increase/decrease its size. Example with an added Zed model (transformed to a small fat Zed):


Once you’re done, click “Save WGEO” to save your changes!

  • You can now click on a model to select it (much easier than before!)
  • Particles can now be moved, added, deleted to/from the map. In the “Particles” tab, you’ll find every used particle in the map you opened.
  • You can now rotate the map around every axis.

Bin file editor

  • You can now edit values that are stored in “.bin” files. If you wish, you can also add values to it.


Bug fixes

  • Skins no longer disappear when you install/uninstall them when the sorting option was set to “Importation date” (thanks to Dart Vanya and Lexianna).
  • Various fixes.

You can get this version either by clicking on “Update now” in Wooxy 1.3 or by downloading the installer on the Wooxy page.

If you find bugs, please send a report there. Thank you!




  1. When I open the map viewer it doesn’t do anything it shows the models but the preview is just white


  2. Hi.. i want to ask you guys if it is okey if i make a video of all wooxy patches like ( Wooxy patch notes 1.4 video) or something.. if it is okey to do that


  3. There will be a possibility of converting the old geometries to edit and adapt to the new Summoner’s Rift?


    • Old files have a different way of working, this means it would be hard to adapt the map editor to it. But that’s not something I would forget 😀


      • How can I aply a texture to an imported OBJ model? I must specify the fulll path of the file? which file types are allowed to be applied as a texture?


        • You must enter the texture name only and put it in the textures folder of the map you opened. The texture must be saved in DDS format to be openable by the game.


          • I have a problem when I try to install a map with custom models and textures: the texture files that I added are skipped at the Wooxy skin creator and then the models that I added are showed without texture. How can I solve it?


          • This means that you need to check “Allow adding new files” option when importing your files. If you don’t find it, you can enable this option in “Settings”. Your new textures will have to be put in a folder that keeps the original game structure (such as: “MyFolder/lol_game_client/LEVELS/map11/scene/textures/”, here you’d need to add “MyFolder” to Wooxy)


          • Just saw you here and wanted to ask you if you found what ever was making map skins crash as of this patch.


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