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Japanese VoiceOvers!

Heyhey, everyone! Today I bring you a fully updated version of the Japanese VOiceovers!

I;d like to credit PROJECT: Leischii for most of the files(Up to before Kindred), and a commenter on Leischii’s post up until Jhin. The rest I have gotten from friends or the Japanese PBE(JPPBE Files thanks to EnjoyYourMadness and LoneOkami). I owe many thanks to everyone for helping me bring you guys this updated version. PLEASE NOTE THAT THE ANNOUNCER IS NOT INCLUDED.

This set includes Champion Select Quotes that have to be put in BY HAND.

INstructions are included in the .zip file, but I will include them here.


To install Champion Select, go to “C:\Riot Games\League of Legends\RADS\projects\lol_air_client\releases\\deploy\assets\sounds\*server*”
ja_JP(Listing it here anyway :P)

To find this out, go to C:\Riot Games\League of Legends\RADS\projects and whatever you lol_game_client_ ends in is the folder you need.

I HAVE FOUND AN EASIER WAY TO INSTALL THE CHAMPION SELECT QUOTES!!!!!!!!!!! You’ll have to make a set of folders, like this: JP_Champ_select\lol_air_client\releases\\deploy\assets\sounds\*server* and put the JP champ select quotes in that folder. Then, you can go into Wooxy, Import a skin, and do “Add Folder” and add the folder from “JP_Champ_select” and it should work! 😀 You should do the same thing for your locale’s champ select quotes as well. 

To install Character Voiceovers(in-game), Extract the “lol_game_client_lang_server” folder to your desktop, CHANGE THE “lang_server” PART TO THE LANG/SERVER YOU ARE IN
(Refer to Champ SElect installation for how to find what yours is, use the same thing you used for champ select, ex. en_US), Open up the folders until you get to the
folder named “ja_JP” and rename that to be your lang/server, ex. “en_US”, and now you can install it through Wooxy.

Open up Wooxy, go to Skins Collection, select “Add Folder”, and select the “lol_game_client_lang_server” folder and click “OK”. it will then start adding all of the files.
for me, it skipped ONE file, and everything still works. if it skips more than one, DO NOT ADD THE VO. Close “Add FIles/Import a skin” and redo it until it only skips one
file. Then, once that’s done, click “Done!” and name the “skin” Japanese VO. There you go!

I have done a Complete Update with the main .zip file. Everything listed in the mini-updates are now included in one .zip file, along with the new Yorick Voiceover, Champion Select, and the Announcer.

Download it here: Complete VO Update

Post-COmpleteUpdate Updates:

#1: I’m releasing Star Guardian Jinx‘s VO early since it’s been requested a lot! Download it here: Guardian with a helping of Insanity.

#2: I have Ivern‘s VO ready to go! Download it here: Tree Man

#3: Elementalist Lux‘s VO is out and ready! Download it here: Lady of Luminosity OP

#4: Camille‘s VO is ready. Please note that I am no longer including Champion Select QUotes, as they do not play Via the new client. The new client’s sounds and images are uneditable. You can download Camille’s VO here: RoboAssassin

UPDATE 1: Taliyah's VO is fiiiinally heeere! :'D You can download the update .zip 
here: Taliyah's sexy JP VO ;) There is a .wxy file included for en_US users!

UPDATE 2: Dark Star Thresh's VO has arrived! Download the update zip here: 
Evil Space Thing There is a .wxy file included for en_US users!

UPDATE 3: Deep Sea Nami's VO has arrived! Download the update zip here: 
Nami gone Creepy There is a .wxy file included for en_US users!

I am also including the Japanese announcer in this update! It was requested 
alot so I slapped it together.

UPDATE 4: The new Ryze VO is here! You can download it here: 
Blue Man Group Member. (NOTE: You have to delete the old Ryze VO 
and replace it with this new one) As always, 
there is a .wxy file included for en_US users!

UPDATE 5: The PROJECT Ashe, Ekko, and Katarina VO's have been added! 
Download them here: Half Robot PeepsDon't forget about the included 
.wxy file for NA/Garena(or any en_US user)!

UPDATE 6: Kled's VO is now dropping here on MapSkins.Download it here: 
The Cussing Yordle. Don't forget about the included .wxy file for 
NA/Garena(or any en_US user)!

If anyone needs help installing the VO’s or the champion select quotes, contact me on skype. My Skype ID is ArbyoAo .

General Info:

  • Author: Tyre_4770
  • Size: 786.1MB
  • Release Date: 9 April 2016

Download and Install:

0256You can install this skin with Wooxy:

1. Download The Japanese Voiceovers.
2. In Wooxy, click “Skins” > “Import skin” > “Add package” and select the downloaded zip file.
3. Your skin is now imported in Wooxy, you can install it by selecting it in the list and clicking “Install”.



  1. Thank you so much for this. Could you please continue to update with Galio’s new voice when it comes out as well.


  2. I couldn’t find the ja_JP file but i did the other instructions. When I try importing it keeps skipping 699 files, and when I reslove the conflicts it requires me to choose a path from en_us and en_gb, can you please help ?


  3. I’m having a bit of trouble getting the elementist lux skin to install. Everytime i go to add a package it says 3 skipped files. Am i doing something wrong somewhere or do i just need to wait till the patch tomorrow?


  4. could you make a torrent of the zip as well. I find it anoying when my download gets cut off.


    • The skins haven’t been added to live yet. You’ll have to either use them on the PBE until they’re live, or hold onto the files until the skins are on live.


  5. Is the April 10th one the latest version of voice pack? If its not,would you let me know the link? I cant find another ones….;;


  6. if you dont mind, could you bring the voice pack of ‘star guardian jinx’ next time? I am looking forward it really much. Could you?


  7. Is there a way you can make a version without the announcer? I would like to keep using a custom Kancolle announcer that I found. Sorry if this seems like trouble to you


  8. Whenever I try to import the updated version into Wooxy it just says “Opening package” for like half an hour and nothing else happens. Didn’t have anyissues with the regular download, though. Can you help me?


    • Ok, so, after reading through all of the comments I tried every listed solution but nothing seems to work. My Wooxy is up to date and extracting the files didn’t work either. It just keeps saying “Opening the package” without doing anything. Only for the updated version, though. I could really use some help. :/


  9. So I can download the original voiceovers and install them in wooxy but as for the the updated one, wooxy doesn’t seem to do anything when I click on the file


      • Hi! I’m also having trouble with the updated version. I made sure to update my wooxy after seeing this comment and I still can’t make the updated voice pack work =( when I click “import skin” and pick the updated voice package, it stays stuck at 0%


          • Sorry for late reply! Thank you for replying, I went to check to make sure everything was properly done and found I had messed up a folder and fixed it x_x Thank you so much and thank you for the voices!

            Liked by 1 person

  10. Can someone of you do a fan tutorial on how to do this ? i’m having a hard time installing the champion select quotes.


  11. Are you going to finish up the rest of the missing voices? For example Jhin or Aurelion Sol.. this was really awesome tho keep it up!


  12. Alright so I have this problem where when I add the new ryze it clashes with the Japanese vo and uninstalls it do you know why?


  13. Bro, this is way to complicated for me, I love the voices, I adore them ! Would you be so kind as to make a video on how you do that shiit ? I really don’t know how ! I tried a couple o’ things, but I’m getting nowhere, much love bro


  14. The download for the japanese VO isnt working for me. It says ‘An error occurred. Please click here to reload the page.’ where that captcha should be every time i reload. Is the link outdated or is it just me and i should try again some other time?


  15. OMG thank you so much !!!!
    I really really want to play LoL with Japanese but i live in Vietnam and
    it’s hard to find a latest pack, but is now no longer a problem anymore, thank you very much !
    And btw sorry for my bad grammar 😦
    I still learning English :”>

    Liked by 1 person

    • Hi I’ve got a problem… I’ve installed it but only thing is working is champion voice in game :/ Champ select isn’t that important but I want communicates like “minions have spawned” in Japan 😛


        • When you download the Update, there’s stuff inside the .zip file: a .wxy for en_US users and a set of folders for non-en_US users. If you aren;t an en_US user, follow the directions from when you originally installed the pack, along with the new way to install the Champion Select Quotes.


          • I’m sorry, how do i know if I am an en_US user..? I’m pretty new to all this stuff, ya know..


          • I apologize for being so stupid but what exactly do i have to do? Do I just have to put the update file into the folder that was listed there?


          • It’s really easy to contact me through my discord server or through skype, the details are in the post! I’ll give you a hand personally, but I won’t be on my computer very much today, since it’s a shared computer and my younger brother would like to use it. I’ll get to you as soon as I can, though!


  16. I just downloaded it and didn’t knew how to install, i added the creator on skype and within 2 mintues he added me and helped me to install it

    Liked by 1 person

  17. Hey Tyre! Thanks a lot for updating taliyah’s VO! I’m afraid i missed the update for Jhin Aurelion and Taric though :/
    Could you make like a list of all the updated VO’s?
    Would be awesome! Sincerely,Labror


    • All VO’s are updated up to Taliyah. WIthin the files for the main download are Aurelion, Jhin, Taric, and the Program/Mecha Zero VO’s. You’ll have to download that. I will be updating this post with a new download whenever a new champion comes out of if a new skin comes out that has a VO.


  18. Since the Taliyah VO update is coming try making a download link with only Taliyah VO in it so we can just put it in the folder and reinstall the VO to wooxy again just in case for those who already installed this VO pack


  19. This needs updated I think from all the current updates, Kindred’s sounded don’t work anymore 😦 It skips 8 files now instead of 1, really love this mod too!


  20. Challenger Ahri makes no sound whatsoever, but i tried on different champ and this works. Thank you for your hard work. Hope you add Challenger Ahri, because she’s one of my top 3 champions and her Challenger skin is just OP <^3

    Liked by 1 person

    • Huh.. I have no problems on my end. Did you follow the directions precisely? Try reinstalling the entire thing. (Delete the current Wooxy file and repeat the process, make sure only one or no files are skipped.)


    • I explained it in the easiest way possible – you should have 0 issues. If you absolutely need help, contact me via the discord group for MapSkins( I am Her Little Weiss (Tyre_4770) on there) or via skype(my id is arbyoao and I come up as ♡「Your Little Weiss」♡ ). I can walk you through it.


  21. Is really awesome and it did work! Just one recomemndation, can you change the voice of the announcer to the Japanese one?


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