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Mythril Ashe


  • Awesome colors
  • A few different particle colors (The easy parts i could figure out)
  • Modified Splash-art
  • Two versions of the skin
  • Two type of install methods
  • Swapped the dark face in the original with Ashe’s face texture (Eyes with a “ninja rug” or just a piece of clothing, or whatever you want it to be, due to the mouth on the texture bugging out every-time)

(“Mythril Ashe” has two different texture files, one is more clean than the other, for those that … well, like.. variety?)


Mythril Ashe v1


Mythril Ashe v2


  • Unfortunately you can only install one Version at the time, for example, Or you install the Base skin replace, or the marauder skin replace, not both, due to the edited particles only available with the “base Ashe”. (Or so i believe?)

Download & Installation guide:

1. Download one of the files below according to your preference:

Mythril Ashe – Base skin replace (By Ancient)

Mythril Ashe – Marauder skin replace (By Ancient)

Mythril Ashe v2 – Base skin replace (By Ancient)

Mythril Ashe v2 – Marauder skin replace (By Ancient)

2. Save the downloaded file on your computer, and open Wooxy

3. Go to: Skin collection > import skin > add a package > choose the skin you want (The skin u just downloaded) > Save & install > open league of legends


I am still trying the figure out how to edit the champion ability particles and colors properly, so some champions seem to have the files you need, like annie or brand, which both have skins that you can use to edit the colors, though, some just don’t seem to work on other skins or even the base skin. Hopefully, i’ll learn howto do this properly for the next one! If anyone knows, please share! 🙂

Also, please check out my other skins on Mapskins: My stuff

Have fun summoners! And thank you for the download, i hope you like it. 😀



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