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Noire The Black Goddess of Lastation

Noire The Black Goddess of Lastation
Main female character from Hyperdimension Neptunia
>>>Download this skin here<<<
This skin features
*Whole new champion model for Master Yi
*Whole new champion voices when using abilities,emotions
This skin can be install with Wooxy only by import package and select the Noire The Black Goddess of Lastation v1 (By MuvLuv).wxy
some preview pic

and here is the spotlight >



  1. Hey any chance you could make this skin work on Project/headhunter master yi :o? Thanks ❤


  2. Hey muv luv,
    I uninstalled ur skin and the voice over is still playing when I use Yi. Any help?


  3. Oh my God I LOVE Noire ❤ unfortunately I hate Yi, but I just have to try this skin haha, nicely made 🙂

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