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Dark Matter Riven

Hey guys! This is a new skin from the Dark Matter Series for Riven. It’s for the base skin! Since a Riven skin has been requested (And I would love more awesome Ideas like this one!), and since I am free and it’s still holidays I made this skin with a lot of effort! This one is my personal favorite so far, mostly because I love riven as a champion. as always leave your Ideas down below, it’s really important for me!

To install this skin (same for the other skins that change the base skin to another skin): When you start wooxy, there are 3 Options. Select the Right “Settings”. Go to “Advanced” and select “Show “Allowing Adding New Files” option before adding a skin”. When it’s done, reinstall the skin but when you are about to import it, you have to click the option “Allow adding new files” next to “Add a folder”. It should work then.

As always leave your Ideas below! (This is really important for me to make a skin you guys request!)
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Download here


  1. can you help cause I download it but in game all her abilities are black blobs and she has no skin she just has black blob abilites


  2. Hello, I was wondering if you could possibly share how you were able to make the lunar riven skin work/register on the base skin. I am trying to do a color variant for the lunar Caitlyn skin and I want it to work for the base Caitlyn skin, however whenever I try to make it the base it doesn’t work and the base skin is what appears in game. Would you mind helping me?


      • I’m afraid I don’t understand what you mean by the RAW files for the skin, I extracted both the base skins files as well as the skin that I wanted, however after renaming all of the files there were still several particles and such missing. Is there any possible way that I could get you to make a youtube video, or perhaps speak with me on skype? I absolutely love your skin by the way. It’s awesome to have a riven smurf and not feel like a pleb for not having a skin.
        Skype: Andrewhernandez4
        Hit me up anytime, I appreciate your time as well as the content that you put out.



  3. Dude i dont get your tutorial. If u enable the Option adding new files then what should i add? because i can just add empty Folders (where the Skin is in) so i cant add the 4 files that are missing =8
    SKin Looks nice tho!


  4. Tip: Make more video from the top angle not in the third person perspective, you will show more of a skin and it’s particles. (also don’t shake that camera that much)


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