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Deathwood Maokai

Hey, I’ve got another skin for you guys! This time it’s for Maokai!(And it’s the first Maokai skin on the site!)

This is a simple, but cute recolor of Totemic *FOR BASE*! I can make it for Totemic if it’s requested. ^-^

I really, really hope you like this skin! Big thanks to LoneOkami for helping me with the spotlight!


0256You can install this skin with Wooxy:

1. Download Deathwood Maokai
2. In Wooxy, click “Skins” > “Import skin” > “Add File” and select the downloaded .wxy file.
3. Your skin is now imported in Wooxy, you can install it by selecting it in the list and clicking “Install”.



    • Huh? I’ve never heard of Spooky Wood Maokai. o-o I’m pretty sure it just happens to be similar in a way. I did everything myself – from recoloring the particles to recoloring the skin’s texture file. It took me about a day and a half to do everything.


  1. Music: Halo 3: ODST, Neon Night. I’m a die hard halo fan, I “Never forget” (Worst joke ever…) a single halo track ;D. Nice choice of music as you used the frozen rift! Sounds desolate and lonely.


    • Hahaha, thanks! I actually Nightcore’d it and the link to that version is in the YT description. c: I did some other Halo and LEague stuff as well. But yeah, I thought it fit Frozen Rift pretty well. ^_^


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