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Corrupted void Lux skin

Hello there summoners!

Today i’d like to share my recently created reskin of the “spellthief lux” skin. I always felt like it wasn’t “dark” enough, and i felt that it wasn’t that good of a skin anyway, so here you go.


  • Edited loading screen splash art.
  • Reskin of the original Spellthief lux skin.
  • Blue stripes might glow a little! :b
  • Can also be used to replace the base lux skin.


(Click and zoom the last image for image details)

Download & installation:

1. Download one of the files below according to your preference:

Corrupted void Lux – skin2 base skin replace

Corrupted void Lux – base skin replace (Replaces base lux)

Corrupted void lux – skin replace (Replaces spellthief lux)

2. Save the downloaded file, on your computer, and open Wooxy

3. Go to: Skin collection > import skin > add a package > choose the skin you want (The skin u just downloaded) > Save & install > open league of legends.

Thank you for downloading my reskin, i also might update minuscule things on this skin in the future whenever i feel like it needs to be changed, feel free to express what you think about it, if you like this skin, consider checking out my other skin: 🙂

Happy feeding summoners!



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