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Arc-Necromancer Karthus

Hey guys, I’m back with a Karthus skin! Something new now, a good friend of mine requested it so I did it. I personally think, this skin is really cool but it took a little time though. Hope you still enjoy it and as always leave your rating and ideas in the comments below, I can tell you, the next skin gonna be another Mage and after that will be another Fighter. You might aswell call him a cowboy. =)

– Overworked Model-Texutres
– Overworked Ability Particles
– Overworked Taunt (Ctrl + 2)
– Awesome new feeling for Karthus!

Download Here



  1. I’ve been waiting for a particle changing karthus skin(without a virus) for so damn long man! I mean since riot won’t give us one….


  2. Well to be honest i dont like that Karthus textures much but that new spells are absolutely cool.


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